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Choosing the Best Dividend Stocks

Finding Dividend Stocks to Invest in

Dividend stocks are a great way to invest over the long term. If you are going into retirement, the dividends are a nice quarterly source of income. And, as you prepare for retirement, dividend reinvestment plans let you roll your dividends back into more shares of stock without paying any commissions. But, not all dividend stocks are created equal! All too often, companies that are struggling maintain their dividend. The stock price is down and the dividend yield is fantastic. But, some of these high dividend yields are dangerous. […]

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Top Stocks to Buy and Why

Profitable investing always comes down to what are the top stocks to buy and why. Is intrinsic stock value the best indicator? Should you be studying up on technical analysis in order to stay out step ahead of evolving market sentiment? Here is what The Street says about five stocks that are poised to deliver big gains and then our thoughts on the subject.
These stocks have both short-term gain catalysts and longer-term growth potential.
We’re still experiencing a tale of two markets as we round the corner for the final week of August – while the S&P is up a bit […]

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How Do You Start Investing in the Stock Market?

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If you have saved some money or come into an inheritance you probably want to invest. Over the long run the stock market outperforms investments such as real estate or money in […]

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Basics of Successful Investing II

Successful investors apply what they already know in picking stocks, choosing exchange traded funds and investing their money. Retailers have insight into retail stocks and computer programmers have insight into software companies. Doctors and others in the medical field have insight into medications and the tools used in treating diseases. And, if a successful investor […]

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Picking Penny Stocks

Before investing your hard-earned cash into penny stocks, it’s important to research the penny stocks you want to invest in before committing any cash. You want to find profitable penny stocks. To do this, you’ll need penny stock leads. Leads are just names of penny stocks that you are thinking of investing in. FREE: BENZINGA […]

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