Why Trading Forex Now Is Better Than Trading the Stock Market

You more than likely have been hearing the word Forex recently – it’s getting to be one of the most popular trading trends in the markets right now. It is a trend we trust will persist, but now let me take a few minutes to show you the reason and also why trading foreign currencies should be the profitable undertaking for you to consider.

Only two years ago, the foreign exchange markets were run all over by the large brokers and big banks around the globe. Today, it’s the ‘little guys’ that are driving the action – and with them, currency trading has grown from $1.9 trillion to almost $3 trillion in that short span of time (just like the average turnover in the markets each day – doubled growth in turnover).

So is trading Forex for you?

First, the Forex markets are extremely liquid (in the major pairs) and are constantly prone to ‘trend’ while indifferent to events in other markets, such as stocks and bonds.

The liquidity drives ceaseless volatility – and volatility creates opportunities for gaining profits from the trend movements. The potential for profit is greater with greater volatility.

Next, the stock markets have taken a beating and bounced back repeatedly and it’s looking like another beating is on the way. The unpredictability in those markets is stopping them from going in a particular direction or trend. Anyhow, “bull” or “bear” markets are never a concern for traders in the Forex markets – the currencies are always under a trend, be it up, down or sideways.

Moreover, the financial upheaval resulting from the credit crisis and the heavy response from governments signals a significant change for investing or trading for the future – while these exact same events helped fashion even more opportunities in the Forex markets.

Forex trading is not risk free, and honestly, the majority of individuals go into the Forex markets incorrectly. The recent economic and financial situations make now an excellent time to try Forex trading, but only if you do it right.

Bill Poulos, with over 35 years’ experience teaching and trading Forex, has just come out with a new video showing the CORRECT way to trade Forex.

It seems the majority of traders get into Forex trading thinking they’re going to make loads of money right away. And they become very poor.

Bill teaches you how to start with trading Forex by handling risks FIRST and SECOND, you make a profit. The community of Forex is being completely turned upside down by it.

Check out this video, free of charge, and decide for yourself whether or not you agree: https://profitableinvestingtips.com/private-forex-training

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