Investing When Inflation Is Over 4

Investing When Inflation Is Over 4%

However, when inflation is below 4% stocks work as a hedge and above 4%, they tend not to. Thus we have to think about investing when inflation is over 4% in a different light than when inflation is more moderate.

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Where Did Your Terra Stablecoin Assets Go (1)

Where Did Your Terra Stablecoin Assets Go?

Now we see that there is more to the Terra story. Namely, where did your Terra stablecoin assets go?

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How Much of a Problem Is Bitcoin Wash Trading?

Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto world have had a difficult time as crypto winter settled in and shows little sign of turning into a crypto spring. The main problem for Bitcoin, as well as the stock market, is that inflation hit a forty year high and the Federal Reserve has been raising interest rates and is not yet done

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Is Amazon a Buy or a Sell?

Amazon is the company that grew from being an online bookseller to being one of the five top US tech giants with business segments in e-commerce, cloud computing, online advertising, digital streaming and artificial intelligence. It is the reason that many brick and mortar retail businesses have gone out of business. In the depths of […]

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Ten Year Risk from China to Your Investing – China’s Goals and Risks

Fifty years ago China was an agrarian society and today it is the largest industrial power in the world. Fifty years ago China was preoccupied with walling itself off from the world and today it is seeking influence and power across the length and breadth of the world. The problem as seen from the viewpoints of many countries is that China seeks to dominate and control instead of working with other nations. The ten year risk from China to your investing has to do with China’s power peaking and the possibility that its aging leader, Xi Jinping, will believe that […]

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Best Value Stocks for 2021

Value stocks are leading the charge as the economy emerges from recession caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. What are the best value stocks for 2021? To make the best picks in this category you need to know what constitutes a value stock and how value stocks differ from growth stocks. Growth stocks often sell for higher prices than their current fundamentals would seem to support because investors want to position themselves for long term growth and profits. Value stocks are often companies that generate steady profits over the years but don’t excite growth-conscious […]

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Risk-adjusted Investments for the Next Decade

Interest rates are edging up. For the time being, stocks are staying ahead of bonds in the investment war. Historically, stocks earn 3.3% more than bonds over time. However, investors have gotten used to a much better ROI in the stock market over the last decade. We are looking at risk-adjusted investments for the next decade interest rates go up and the stock market adjusts. Many investors have chosen to invest by buying ETFs that track the S&P 500. This puts them at risk in a stock market that will perform differently over […]

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Investment Implications of Biden Agenda

What are the investment implications of the Biden agenda? President Biden will introduce a stimulus plan aimed at defeating the covid-19 epidemic and driving the US economy to an impressive recovery. How will it affect your investments? Because the Democrats will control the White House and both houses of Congress, we expect initial Biden proposals to pass. We have written about investing during the Biden administration and the potential for a Biden bull market. Now that the next President has laid out his plan with the details, there is speculation that foreign direct investment […]

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Does Long Term Investment Work?

Much investment advice tells you to put your money into a basket of US stocks and hold on. The argument for investing in stocks is that over the years, the US stock market has routinely created wealth for those who stay invested. However, how does that work out when you look at the profits of long term investments and inflation? After all, the reason we save and invest is to maintain our purchasing power in retirement and to increase it generally over time. The question is, does long term investment work?

Does Long Term Investment […]

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Covid-19 Era Investment Opportunities

The pandemic has driven business and social communications onto the internet. This movement was already well underway but has been hastened by the need for social distancing. Companies that work in this sector have benefitted from the current crisis while face to face companies like restaurants, entertainment, and travel have suffered. Although grocery stores and pharmacies have stayed open, home delivery has boomed. The pandemic is not going to suddenly stop and many of the new ways of doing things are efficient. Thus we do not expect a return to “normal” when the virus lets up. Rather we expect to see a new normal and there is where we will find many covid-19 era investment opportunities.

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