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Does Long Term Investment Work?

Much investment advice tells you to put your money into a basket of US stocks and hold on. The argument for investing in stocks is that over the years, the US stock market has routinely created wealth for those who stay invested. However, how does that work out when you look at the profits of long term investments and inflation? After all, the reason we save and invest is to maintain our purchasing power in retirement and to increase it generally over time. The question is, does long term investment work?

Does Long Term Investment […]


Where Are the Best Stock Investments Today?

Where are the best investments today? Anyone who invested in stocks in January of 2014 has probably made money by October. But the market rally is starting to sputter. In retrospect one of the surest ways to make money in stock investing this year would have been to buy shares in an ETF that tracks […]


Very Long Term Investment in the Green Revolution

Norman Borlaug passed away this last year. The man many call the father of the “Green Revolution” is credited with starting and leading the “Green Revolution” that allowed the world’s food production to keep up with its population growth in the later half of the 20th century. Borlaug was an Iowa boy who came to […]


Very Long Term Investment

This is a food for thought article. FREE: Get Your Doji Sandwich Training Video Now! Is it possible to find long term investments that will remain stable investments and secure investments over generations? If so, what will these investments look like? What kind of return will they give and will they be subject to the […]


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