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Whose Purchases Are Driving Stock Prices Higher?

CNBC published a useful article about who is doing all the buying that is driving the market up.

Given a series of new highs for the S&P 500, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the NASDAQ, the obvious question is who is doing all this buying?

The author goes through the list of investor categories and come up with conclusions that should be of concern to regular investors.

The large investor groups for stocks include retail investors who own about 20% of US stocks. However, this group now has holding comparable to 2007 […]


Hedge Fund Raids and Investing

Hedge fund raids and investing are in the news with several recent raids by the FBI on fund offices. According to various press reports and commentary the SEC, long criticized for laxity in oversight, has changed gears. Rather than looking to prosecute individuals who have bought and sold stock based upon non-public information, the SEC […]


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