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Is a High P/E Ratio Dangerous?

The P/E ratio is a time-honored way to value stocks but in today’s market P/E ratios are sky high. Is a high P/E ratio dangerous? The P/E ratio compares company earnings to its share price. Both forward and trailing P/E ratios are commonly used to assess stock valuation. Over the years, a stock that has a P/E ratio higher than other’s in its market sector is either expected to grow or is simply overpriced. The problem today is that so many stocks have high P/E ratios, which casts doubt on the value of this metric.

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Which Growth Stocks Are Really Value Investments?

The failure of many so-called “growth stocks” to surge ahead in today’s stock market has puzzled value investors. After all, the traditional use of measures, such as price to earnings ratio and price to asset ratio, has served many investors well over the years. But for many investments in the stock market, it is not working today! Growth stocks keep forging ahead while stocks with low price to asset ratios are lagging. The questions we want to bring up are which growth stocks are really value investments in disguise? And, which value stocks are really not so valuable?
Successful Investing by […]

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Should You Use Earnings or Growth as a Guide When Picking Investments?

Growth stocks are popular because, you guessed it; they grow and become more valuable. Investors ignore their high price to earnings ratios (P/E ratio) and just keep buying. But how about using earnings and other factors as a guide? The question is, should you use earnings or growth as a guide when picking investments?
Should You Use Earnings or Growth as a Guide When Picking Investments: Overpriced growth stocks
The Toronto Globe and Mail has an interesting article about this subject. They point out a long term problem with growth stocks.
There is plenty and unequivocal evidence from academic research in Canada and […]

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Why Buy Emerging Market Stocks?

When the market falls the weakest stocks from emerging markets take the worst hit. And when the market recovers these same stocks are often the most impressive performers. Why buy emerging market stocks? Buy them to diversify your portfolio, to pick up cheap investments when currency exchange rates are favorable and buy them to take advantage of economies in their early stages of growth. This may in fact be a reasonable time to buy emerging market stocks. Bloomberg notes that emerging market stocks are advancing with an 11 year low in volatility.
Emerging-market stocks rose toward the highest level since China’s […]

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Invest in Stocks That Split

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Stock splits are supposed to give you two shares instead of one but not necessarily increase the value of your investment. Many companies like to see their stock trade within a certain […]

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Why Invest in Dividend Stocks?

Why invest in dividend stocks? Dividend stocks are often recommended for those approaching retirement. The rationale is that you get a quarterly dividend check at a time when your income has been reduced. It turns out that investing in dividend stocks can been an excellent strategy for investors or all ages. The prospectus for the […]

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Make Money in Retirement

When you are young you often think of how to invest for retirement. The strategy commonly suggested is a mix of safe investments and growth stocks. As retirement approaches the idea is to increase the number of safe dividend stocks and reduce portfolio risk by getting rid of risky stocks. But, if your savings, pension, […]

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No-nonsense Approach to Stock Investing

Do you want to reliably make money at stock investing? You will want to avoid undue risk, pursue a no-nonsense approach to stock investing, learn to pick stocks, and manage a stock portfolio. The purpose of a no-nonsense approach to stock investing is that no one wants to waste time with non-essentials when there is […]

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Growth Stocks for the Really Long Term

Some economies and some companies will emerge from the current financial mess stronger. Some will fade away. For the long term investor prediction and an appreciation of the very long term for growth stocks will be key. . What will be the growth stocks for the really long term? The money behind the infrastructure that […]

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