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What Happens to Your Investments When the Trade War Is Resolved?

The threat of an ever-expanding trade war has been dragging down many investments in stocks. There are lots of doomsday scenarios out there predicting not only the collapse of the stock market but of the global economy. But, nobody wants a total disaster. Rather the Americans, Chinese, Europeans, and others all want the best deal they can get, short of creating a situation in which everyone loses. So, what happens to your investments when the trade war is resolved?
Economic Growth with Fewer Trade Worries
CNBC reports that Goldman Sachs sees a possible stock market surge. In response to questions from investors, […]


Long Term Euro Zone Investment Outlook

The Euro Zone may or may not be digging itself out of its sovereign debt crisis. What is the long term Euro Zone investment outlook? And, what factors besides sovereign debt will affect the long term Euro Zone investment outlook? With thoughts about the best places on earth to invest in mind we would like […]


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