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Dollar Cost Averaging

What is the most cost-efficient and profitable approach to long term investing? Market timing works for some folks. But recently, broad-based ETFs have outperformed many managed funds. Investing in stocks works best when the investor starts early and invests regularly. It helps to buy stocks directly in order to cut out fees and commissions so dividend reinvestment plans are a good idea as well. While there are always opportunities in the stock market, most people in their working years do not have the time, expertise, or interest required to take advantage of them. Thus, the best approach for most investors […]


When to Start Investing in Stocks

Over the long haul money invested in the US stock market tends to provide better returns than other investment vehicles. When to start investing in stocks is early in your life. How good are stock investing returns? quotes Warren Buffett who says you can expect a 6-7% annual return from the stock market over the long term. Where does 7% come from?
Buffett describes the analysis that led him to that kind of conclusion:
“The economy, as measured by gross domestic product, can be expected to grow at an annual rate of about 3 percent over the long term, and inflation […]


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