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Safe Investments in an Uncertain World

The market fell the other day on news that an early trade war deal is not likely. But, the trade war is only one symptom of problems with the world economy. This got us to thinking, what are safe investments in an uncertain world? In that regard, it is instructive to look at how major changes in the economy, technology, and other factors affect your investments over the long term.

Investing in Carriages When They Are Making Cars

Since we are thinking of long term issues with your investments, we thought that a little history lesson […]


Global Warming Investment

The United States military is preparing for threats related to global warming. Recently published scientific reports tell us that huge glaciers are calving off of the Antarctic ice shelf which could raise sea levels by four feet in a generation and eventually by twenty feet, endangering coastal populations around the world. Tribes in the sub-Sahara […]


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