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Basics of Successful Investing IV

Basics of Successful Investing IV is the last in our series. We wrote about getting your financial house in order and making some basic decisions about why you are investing and how much money you are willing to put at risk in Basics of Successful Investing I. Our advice in Basics of Successful Investing II was that you should start out by investing in what you know. And, when you pick something else you need to do your homework and thoroughly understand what a company does to make money and how it will manage to keep doing so. And we […]


Basics of Successful Investing I

Successful investing is not a matter of luck, tips or playing the market. Three basics of successful investing are sound fundamental analysis, appropriate risk management and patience in waiting for investment opportunities. Let us start with risk management first of all.
Risk Management in Your Life and Investments
Investing is part of life and not a separate entity. So, it is important to have your financial life in order before even starting to invest. Build a stable financial platform for your life first of all.
Pay off any credit card debts: It is difficult for a beginner to make 18% a year on […]


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