Best 5G Investments

As technology advances, we are moving to a 5G world. So, what are the best 5G investments for your portfolio? To get this right, you need to look at what products and services will benefit from the advance into this new technology. 5G smartphones will become part of the mainstream of handheld devices in 2021. The infrastructure to carry this technology is going to go into place everywhere. And, Biden’s infrastructure proposal includes bringing broadband and all aspects of advanced internet technology to all corners of the USA. We have pulled together several recommendations for the best 5G investments going forward.

What Is 5G?

Wireless technology for mobile devices has been steadily improving over the last four decades. It started with 1G in the 1980s when mobile phones cost as much as $4,000. By the 1990s there was 2G which allowed users to send tech messages. 3G came on the scene in the early 2000s. This technology is still used in many of today’s mobile phones and allows for significantly great data transfer than earlier generation technology. This was when video calls became possible as well as internet connectivity and file sharing. We have had 4G since 2009. It is significantly faster than 3G allowing for streaming of media. The first 5G came out in 2018 but was not in wide use. It is significantly faster than 4G and will usher in the true internet of things, more and more big data, and even smart cities. The “5” simply means that it is the fifth generation of improvements.

Best 5G Investments

What Is The #1 5G Stock?

If you are looking for the best 5G investments and a handsome profit, you need to look at companies that install, use, and advance 5G and also companies that will benefit from the advent of 5G. CMC Markets writes about Qualcomm, Ericsson, Nokia, and Verizon, all of whom will be 5G providers. The Motley Fool writes about Qorvo and Marvel Technology Group who will provide technology and other services to the big 5G suppliers.  Although all of these may be good investments, we vote for the folks who provide important niche technology and services overall suppliers for 5G as the best 5G investments in 2021 and going forward.

Qorvo or Marvel Technology for Investing in 5G

Qorvo is a maker of RF (radio frequency) chips. These let smartphones connect to the internet and wireless networks. They supply these chips to smartphone makers like Apple, Vivo, Samsung, Xiaomi, and Oppo. This was a $50 stock five years ago and a $191 stock today. Marvel Technology Group offers networking products that are basic to how 5G smartphones work. Their main customers are Nokia and Samsung. This was a $10 stock five years ago and sells for $49 a share today.

Qualcomm, Ericsson, Nokia, and Verizon for Investing in 5G

Qualcomm is a leading 5G technology supplier that has tripled in value over the last five years. Ericsson is a telecommunications giant with a strong presence in providing 5G technology across the globe. Their stock price has tripled since October of 2016. Nokia is only slightly behind Ericsson in providing global 5G technology. Their stock has fallen from $6 a share to $4 a share over the last five years. Verizon controls a third of the US telecommunications market. Its share price has gone from $50 to $58 over the last five years.

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