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When to Buy and When to Sell Bitcoin

Investment advisors use the word outperform to describe how Bitcoin and altcoins Solana and Cardano have been doing. This is a way of saying that an investment is doing well while withholding judgment as to why, how, or any future performance. It does give any in terms of when to buy and when to sell Bitcoin.

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Are Private Digital Tokens On Their Way Out?

In the aftermath of crypto winter regulators are busy cleaning up after crypto excesses and outright fraud. Bitcoin took a big hit and has now recovered to more than half of its 2021 peak. Nevertheless, there are now predictions that private digital tokens are on their way out.

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Buy On the Rumor and Sell On the News With Bitcoin?

Just how much either or both of these things would help Bitcoin is uncertain. It occurs to us that one might buy on the rumor and sell on the news with Bitcoin.

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Could Ramaswamy Kill Crypto?

In the aftermath of crypto winter it has become clear that crypto needs to play by a clear set of rules or it will die. Ramaswamy wants to gut the regulatory capacity of the US government. Could Ramaswamy kill crypto if he ends up getting his way?

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Dangers of Investment Leverage

The rewards of using investment leverage can be impressive. However, the dangers of investment leverage are such that one needs to proceed with caution.

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How Many AK47s Did Hamas Buy With Crypto?

A comment by a Binance employee was that one could barely buy an AK47 with what they sent. So, how many AK47s did Hamas buy with crypto and were they used in the attack on Israel that killed over a thousand people and caused Israel’s retaliatory invasion with thousands of deaths?

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Uranium Backed Crypto Tokens

They survived crypto winter very nicely. The new Uranium3o8 token has solid backing as well. But uranium backed crypto tokens are not stable coins. They are more like commodities or maybe futures contracts.

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$4 Billion to Settle Binance Case

Part of a deal apparently includes the Department of Justice making a deal with Zhao who is living in the United Arab Emirates which has no extradition treaty with the USA. He has agreed to pay a $50 million fine. For Binance is $4 billion to resolve the Binance case a reasonable deal?

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Blockchain Gaming Investments

Ownership rights within these games is an attractive feature as well as are in-game marketplaces. Within this growing gaming arena there are blockchain gaming investments as well. What are these and how does one go about making investments?

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When Should Investors Trade Options?

Here is where options traders will remind you that by trading options you can make money as the market falls and not just when it is going up. So, when should investors trade options?

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