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Can You Reserve a Hotel Room with Crypto?

Can You Reserve a Hotel Room with Crypto?

There are some practical issues standing in the way of cryptocurrencies for use in everyday life. For example, can you reserve a hotel room with crypto?

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Bitcoin Viability As a Long Term Investment

Bitcoin has gone back up in value and is being promoted again by investment managers. Is there Bitcoin viability as a long term investment?

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Economic and Investment Risks for 2024

Investors are generally happy that the worst fears of runaway inflation versus a severe recession were not realized in 2023. Nevertheless, there are still economic and investment risks for 2024 to be considered.

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What Do Meme Coins Have to Do With Bitcoin?

As Bitcoin investors came to believe that spot Bitcoin ETFs are just around the corner they bid the price up significantly. Meanwhile, meme coins soared as well. What do meme coins have to do with Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin Versus NFTs

What are the investment possibilities of Bitcoin versus NFTs today? When looking at these two investment possibilities, one has a fixed maximum that will ever be produced. The other suffers from production of more than the market is interested in.

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Obligations of a Crypto Business

What are the obligations of a crypto business? How are some crypto businesses now paying a price for forgetting this part of doing business?

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Will 2024 Be a Good Year for Crypto?

Short term up and down movements in crypto prices have to do with short-term market sentiment. Movements over the longer term have to do with fundamentals that drive crypto as well as other markets such as the stock market. That having been said, will 2024 be a good year for crypto?

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Should You Diversify Your Crypto Investments?

Should you diversify your crypto investments and, if so, how would you go about doing that?

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Is the Dollar Still a Safe Haven?

But is the dollar still a safe haven today like it was for so long after the Second World War? Inflation has eaten away at the dollar’s purchasing power over the years. However, it has done that with virtually all world currencies.

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Do Higher Interest Rates Help or Hurt Crypto?

The dollar goes up while Bitcoin and the rest go down because of higher interest rates. So, do higher interest rates help or hurt crypto?

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