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Investing in Potential Coronavirus Treatments

When the coronavirus epidemic started to spread we wrote
about investing in pharmaceuticals and the coronavirus. We noted
that a vaccine is a long way off and that a better short term investment
strategy would be invest in companies that make hand sanitizers, general
cleaners, masks, and other immediately necessary items. While it will take some
time (12-18 months) to devise and produce a vaccine, medicines to treat people
with coronavirus could be available sooner. Such medicines would not make the
pandemic go away but they would alleviate suffering and reduce the number of
deaths from this modern day plague.

What Sorts of Treatments Are Possible?

Modern science has found […]


Dividend Stocks to Weather the Market Slump

The stock market continues its downward course as many fear just how far stocks could fall. Interest rates could possibly fall below zero. Meanwhile, there are dividend stocks to weather the market slump.

Dividend Stocks to Weather the Market Slump

An article on The Motley Fool caught our eye. They note that well-managed, well-placed businesses with solid balance sheets will be an ideal refuge during the prolonged market slump. They, in fact, recommend three high-yield dividend stocks.

COVID-19 cases are steadily increasing in the U.S., and states are taking drastic action. California recently placed its nearly […]


How Will Negative Interest Rates Affect Your Investing?

The U.S. Federal Reserve has slashed already-low interest rates to zero. They are taking other measures to preserve credit and pump money back into the system. But, the steady spread of the coronavirus and predictions of 20% unemployment and worse are unsettling markets as investors wonder how far stocks will fall. As the economy contracts we will see the possibility of interest rates going below zero. How will negative interest rates affect your investing?

How Will Negative Interest Rates Affect Your Investing?

Forbes wrote a useful article a year ago about the damage negative interest rates would […]


How Could Debt Destroy Your Investment Portfolio?

Despite Presidential assurances to the contrary, the coronavirus is taking hold in the USA as well as everywhere else in the world. The stock market has tanked and one question is how far stocks will fall. The other is if this will be so bad that it leads to an economic collapse. A major factor today that puts your investments at risk is the high level of corporate debt. How could debt destroy your investments?

How Could Debt Destroy Your Investments?

Despite the Fed buying treasuries and reducing interest rates to nearly zero, the market is […]


How Far Could Stocks Fall?

The twin shocks of the coronavirus and the oil price war have hit the market hard. How far could stocks fall? With the possibility of more market weakness in mind, we look back at the 1929 stock market crash leading up to the Great Depression for indications of what is to come.

The Stock Market Crash that Ended the “Roaring Twenties” Stock Market

The 1929 stock market crash that ushered in the Great Depression was not a one day event and was not confined to October of 1929. There was a 10% correction of the market in […]


Can You Benefit from the Oil Price War?

Stocks are nearly in a bear market as defined by a 20% drop in prices over the last month. The 7% fall on Monday, March 9, puts it on the list of worst one-day performances along with a whole bunch that led into the Great Depression and more-recent Great Recession. The aging bull market was already in trouble because of the economic effects of the coronavirus, but now the Saudi’s have slashed prices and started an oil price war. Our question is, how can you benefit from the oil price war aside from being […]


Is Now the Time to Invest?

The long awaited market correction has happened. Is now the
time to invest or will the coronavirus wreck more havoc on the world economy,
the stock market, and your own portfolio? Is the silent warning for investors to hold on to cash still
valid, or are their bargain investments today? How do you assess intrinsic stock value and pick the best stocks to invest in when there is still so much
uncertainty? Here a few suggestions that we gleaned from the internet.

Invest in Disney for Cheap and for the Long Term

The Motley Fool writes
that Disney stock may never be this low again. We wrote […]


Long Term Investment in Agribusiness

With the spreading coronavirus dominating the investment news, it is easy to forget that some investments may do better this year than last. One of these is US farming. This is not because it will necessarily be such a great year for farming but because last year was so horrible. Swine fever, another infection in China, decimated hogs there and greatly reduced the demand for US soybeans. The trade war hurt investments in US agriculture as China quit buying farm products from the USA. Then, the strong dollar made US Ag exports less competitive. […]


Which Investments Will Survive the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Investors across the world have come to realize that the coronavirus is going to spread and that we will have a global pandemic. If you are not sure where to get your facts in this regard, we suggest reading an article published in The New York Times and written by the public health expert, Michael Osterholm.

It’s now clear that the epidemic was never going to be contained. At most, its spread was slowed by the lockdown imposed in China and other countries’ efforts to identify infected people and anyone they might have […]


Investments for When the Market Falls

Despite continual nay-saying, the bull market has continued on its course, driven by profits. Corporate earnings may be taking a nosedive as we see from the most recent quarterly projection from Apple. In fact, as the coronavirus takes hold in countries outside of China, there is concern of a global economic meltdown. The New York Times writes about the threat of a pandemic in Italy.

As Italy locked down 50,000 people in 10 towns to contain the first major coronavirus outbreak in Europe – and a fifth person there died from the virus – […]


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