what is an nft

NFTs As Investments

Today we look at NFTs as investments rather than multiple silly images of fantasy creatures or one of William Shatner’s dental x-rays. Are these investable assets? If so, how does the average person go about investing in non-fungible tokens?

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NFTs and Fashion

Today NFTs and fashion seem to be on parallel courses according to Parle. The fashion world is’ always evolving to create and keep up with fashion. The world of NFTs also produces items that evolve over time.

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Is an NFT a Good Investment?

Anything digital can be stored on a blockchain and is unique and potentially valuable. Images, video clips, William Shatner’s dental x-rays, anything can be an NFT. Some of these are selling for thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Is an NFT a good investment like an original Picasso or like the pet rock craze of years ago?

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