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Are Covid-19 Vaccines Good Investments?

The new coronavirus has swept across the world, killing nearly a million people and making more than 30 million sick. The effect on the global economy has been devastating even though the US stock market is ignoring the economy. As investors look for profitable investments in this era of Covid-19, vaccine makers come to mind. There are a hundred potential vaccines under development and several in trials in the final stage before getting approved. The question for investors is this: are Covid-19 vaccines a good investment?


Investing in Potential Coronavirus Treatments

When the coronavirus epidemic started to spread we wrote
about investing in pharmaceuticals and the coronavirus. We noted
that a vaccine is a long way off and that a better short term investment
strategy would be invest in companies that make hand sanitizers, general
cleaners, masks, and other immediately necessary items. While it will take some
time (12-18 months) to devise and produce a vaccine, medicines to treat people
with coronavirus could be available sooner. Such medicines would not make the
pandemic go away but they would alleviate suffering and reduce the number of
deaths from this modern day plague.

What Sorts of Treatments Are Possible?

Modern science has found […]


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