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Why Are Housing Stocks Down?

Home builder stocks took a hit recently as did home improvement stocks. Why are these housing stocks down? Is this a correction that you can buy into or a warning sign to get out of the sector entirely? CNBC reports on falling home improvement stocks and the housing market.
Shares of Whirlpool tanked 11 percent Tuesday, after the home appliance company reported earnings that missed estimates amid a decrease in revenue. The company also cut its guidance, blaming “temporary U.S. demand softness as well as Brexit-related currency volatility and demand weakness in the U.K.”
Whirlpool is often considered an auxiliary housing play, […]

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Is There a False Economy?

All sorts of interesting ideas pop up during a presidential campaign. This year one of the ideas floated by candidate Trump is that the Fed has created a false economy. CNN reports the story.
Now Trump is blaming the Fed for creating a “false economy” with its emphasis on extremely low interest rates.
“They’re keeping rates down because they don’t want everything else to go down,” the Republican presidential nominee told Reuters on Monday.
Trump said the “only thing that is strong is the artificial stock market.”
It’s the latest example of Trump doubting the bull market in stocks and criticizing the Federal Reserve, […]

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Has the Price of Oil Stabilized?

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The news according to The Wall Street Journal is that stocks climb as oil prices stabilize. Has the price of oil stabilized and if so what does that mean for stock prices […]

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