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Timing Stock Investments

Timing stock investments is commonly the key to profits in the NYSE or NASDAQ. Fundamentals are what drive eventual price of a stock. When fundamentals change so do stock prices. Using fundamental analysis helps in knowing what stock might be selling at a bargain price but not in timing stock investments. Technical analysis with Candlestick charts does not tell us anything about intrinsic stock value, price to earnings ratio, or margin of safety. But, Candlestick pattern formations help traders and investors decide when a stock has hit bottom. Candlestick pattern formations help investors and traders increase their profits by buying […]


When to Sell Stocks

FREE: Get Your Bobble / T-Line Crunch Training Video Now! When the market has been on a long term rise it is often wise to consider when to sell stocks. Even buy and hold long term investors need to get out of stocks that have run their course. In retrospect, fundamental analysis of saddle makers, […]


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