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How Will a Global Debt Crisis Affect Your Investing?

The World Bank warns that the current wave of borrowing is
the greatest since the 1970s. And, it brings with it the possibility of a
financial meltdown and that risk is only partially mitigated by persistently
low interest rates. As always, our concern is with the individual investor. How
will a global debt crisis affect your investing?

Will There Be a Debt Crisis?

CNBC reports on
the warnings of the World Bank of a global debt crisis.

World Bank has warned of the risk of a fresh global debt crisis, urging
governments and central banks to recognize that historically low interest rates
may not be enough to offset another widespread […]


Investing During a Permanent Trade War

In the last year and a half we have looked at the evolving trade war between the US and China and, to a degree, between the US and everyone else. As the situation has evolved, we are now looking at investing during a permanent trade war. Here is how our thinking has evolved. To begin with, we appear to have been overly optimistic. In March of 2018 we asked what can you invest in and not get hurt by a trade war. At that time our belief was that companies in entertainment, like Disney, […]


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