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How Will the Brexit Vote Affect Your Investments?

As the Brexit vote sends new shocks through financial markets how will the Brexit vote affect your investments? Reuters describes the current financial chaos caused when British voters choose to leave the European Union.
Britain’s decision to leave the European Union sent new shockwaves through financial markets on Monday, with the pound falling despite the country’s leaders’ attempts to ease political and economic turmoil unleashed by the move.
But sterling later sank to its lowest level against the U.S. currency for 31 years, continuing the fall that began last week when Britons confounded investors’ expectations by voting to end 43 years of […]


Deflation Era Investments

The price of oil is way down and the consumer price index has fallen one percent in the last two months. Everyone is happy to be paying less to fill up their car but economists are concerned about deflation. What is deflation and what are some good deflation era investments? Deflation According to Investopedia deflation […]


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