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Why Is Harley Davidson Moving Production Out of the USA?

Who would have thought? Harley Davidson, an American icon, is going to build motorcycles outside of America! Why is Harley Davidson moving production facilities out of the USA? As the Trump trade war between the USA and everyone else ramps up Harley Davidson is looking at Europe where they sell about 40,000 bikes a year. This is second only to their sales in the USA. Harley would be an obvious target for tariffs by the EU. It is an iconic American brand and it started in a state, Wisconsin, that voted for Donald Trump. Harley Davidson is looking to remain […]


Harley Davidson and the Aging of a Niche Market

Harley Davidson is a venerable motorcycle maker headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Harley lived on its name and not its quality for a lot of years as foreign (Asian) competitors made better bikes and a greater variety of bikes. FREE: Get Your Bobble / T-Line Crunch Training Video Now! When Harley Davidson upgraded its product with […]


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