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How Will the Stock Market Respond to a Trump Victory?

As it became apparent that Donald Trump was going to win the presidency S&P 500 futures fell 500 points and triggered the circuit breaker. Stocks fell across Asia. And by morning there was some recovery on all fronts. The market does not like uncertainty which is why stock futures fell on the news of a likely Trump victory. But, as we mentioned before the election in an article on our sister site, Forex Conspiracy Report, don’t lose your money on a mistaken first impression.
[W]hat if first impressions are wrong? How many times has the market reacted in one direction to […]


Short Term Trading Profit As Economic Stimulus Promises Long Term Economic Recovery

The Economic Stimulus or Economic Recovery package has been signed into law. The question for many is how soon the economic stimulus will result in an economic recovery. The stock market will try to anticipate the economic recovery. When bits of news, a new law or regulation, or pure rumor pass around there will be […]


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