covid-19 pandemic

How Can a Stimulus Help the Economy?

The Covid-19 pandemic sent the US economy into the worse fall since the Great Depression. Things have still not recovered and whole sectors of the economy suffer substantial, lasting unemployment. Congress is haggling over stimulus measures. How can a stimulus help the economy?

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Double Top Investment Risk Signal

The stock market has largely recovered while the Covid-19 pandemic has driven the US economy down. A recent double peak investment risk signal warns of a coming market crash or correction. The double top or double peak is an extremely bearish technical reversal pattern

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Safe Investments if the Pandemic Gets Worse

The coronavirus pandemic continues and may even get worse when the fall flu season arrives. What are some safe investments if the pandemic gets worse? Investors have piled into tech stocks like the FAANG as these investments seem reasonably secure. But, these stocks are also high-priced and not immune to a correction if sales fall off. And, sales could fall off as more and more people continue being out of work and without any discretionary spending. There are some companies that have done well during the pandemic and which stand to prosper if things get worse.

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Why Is the Stock Market Ignoring the Economy?

The stock market has had an excellent couple of weeks, recovering half of its recent losses but the economy does not look so good. Why is the stock market ignoring the economy?

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