low interest rates

Biden Bull Market Investments

The new president takes charge on January 20, 2021. We expect to see the stock market respond with a rally for value stocks and those connected to infrastructure investments. A split Congress will likely delay any tax increases and interest rates are likely to remain low for a long time. The pandemic will subside with multiple vaccines available and the economy will improve which will drive value stocks higher, perhaps at the expense of tech stocks that have benefited from stay-at-home work.

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Fixed Income Investments

What are the best fix income investments in an era of low interest rates? It depends if you want income or security. We offer a few thoughts about how you could invest the fixed-income part of your investment portfolio. Because your approach to fixed income investments in this era of low or even negative interest rates will depend on your philosophy, we look at this issue from two directions.

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Will There Be a Post-coronavirus Stock Market Rally?

Recessions are eventually followed by economic recoveries and stock market crashes are usually followed by rallies. The usual questions for the market are how soon, to what degree, and which stocks will lead the way. The coronavirus pandemic and the need for worldwide social distancing measures have driven the world into a recession that some fear will last ten years or more. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has lost all of the gains of the Trump era and US employment has lost all of the gains since the Financial Crisis. If you are investing […]

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How Could Debt Destroy Your Investment Portfolio?

Despite Presidential assurances to the contrary, the coronavirus is taking hold in the USA as well as everywhere else in the world. The stock market has tanked and one question is how far stocks will fall. The other is if this will be so bad that it leads to an economic collapse. A major factor today that puts your investments at risk is the high level of corporate debt. How could debt destroy your investments?

How Could Debt Destroy Your Investments?

Despite the Fed buying treasuries and reducing interest rates to nearly zero, the market is […]

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