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Fake Stocks on Blockchains

While Wall Street ponders the questions related to how fake stocks on blockchains would work, others in the blockchain world are creating synthetic copies of real world stocks like Apple and Tesla according to Bloomberg. This is the world of centralized finance, AKA DeFi. The “stocks” in question track the value of the real thing much like an ETF would.


Bitcoin Pump and Dump Again?

And a bitcoin security warning

Remember the 2017 Bitcoin pump and dump? It seemed like an epic bull run for the cryptocurrency but ended in a crash. Bitcoin started 2017 just below $1,000 and rose during the year. Bitcoin “enthusiasts” hyped the cryptocurrency as the “investment “of the future while long term successful investors called it a scam. After Bitcoin fell from the $20,000 range to the $3,000 range at the end of 2017, all of the Bitcoin hype went away, for a couple of years. However, it appears that we are seeing a Bitcoin […]


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