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Defense Stocks for a New Nuclear Era

The USA is about to exit a Reagan Era nuclear weapons treaty with the Russians. This could set off another arms race in weapons of mass destruction. It could also provide profitable investments for defense stocks in a new nuclear era. Zacks suggests two defense stocks to buy if we end up in another nuclear arms race with the Russians and Chinese.
President Donald Trump has decided to withdraw the United States from the landmark nuclear weapons deal signed with Russia in 1987 that banned both nations from owning, producing and test-flying nuclear missiles.
While Trump’s recent decision may not be a […]

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As the North Korea Situation Escalates What Should You Buy and What Should You Sell?

Tension is increasing on the Korean peninsula as North Korea races to perfect nuclear arms and the means to deliver them by missile as far away as the United States. As the North Korea situation escalates what should you buy and what should you sell? First a little background.
What Is Going On in Korea?
Ever since the Korean War fighting ended with an armistice in 1953 troops have lined both sides of the demilitarized zone, ready to resume combat. Meanwhile the South has become a democratic country with an advanced economy. The North has remained under dictatorial rule of the same […]

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What Stocks Are At Risk Despite the Trump Stock Rally?

The election of Trump has occasioned a stock rally. Defense stocks have gone up based on his promise to “rebuild” the military. And stocks have rallied across the board on the expectation of stimulus spending on infrastructure, repatriation of offshore corporate money and tax cuts. Concerns about inflation, higher interest rates and a pricey dollar have been laid aside for now. But we were recently reminded that some stocks may be at risk despite the Trump stock rally. CNBC quotes Jim Cramer regarding stocks surprisingly at risk under Trump.
While the market continued to roar higher on Tuesday, Jim Cramer couldn’t […]

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High Tech Warfare

The cost of the defense establishment becomes increasingly hard to pay for by a nation strapped by debt. Defense stocks are down as investors worry about the withdrawal from Iraq and cutbacks in military spending in general. However, the old joke about “military intelligence” being a contradiction in terms may have a new wrinkle for […]

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