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Beware of Coronavirus Investing Scams

It seems that every time there is some sort of threat to health, welfare, or your pocketbook, the scammers show up looking for ways to trick you out of your money. The most recent threat is the Chinese coronavirus. The disease is highly contagious, kills its victims at about ten times the rate of influenza cases, and does not seem to be under control at the source in East and Central China. While this is happening, investors are smart to consider investment risks and opportunities such as whether pharmaceutical stocks could be a good […]


How Badly Will the Wuhan Coronavirus Hurt Investments in China?

More than 3,000 Chinese stocks fell by their daily limit the moment the Chinese stock market opened this morning. What is happening? A new, mutated, and lethal virus called a coronavirus has killed more than two hundred people, infected more than ten thousand and led to a virtual shutdown of large segments of the Chinese economy. This is a huge social and humanitarian disaster in the making as the virus has spread across the world to dozens of countries and air travel to and from China has been restricted. From an investor’s point […]


Investing in Pharmaceuticals and the Chinese Coronavirus

A deadly coronavirus in central China has made the jump from animals to humans and threatens to spread throughout the world. Health authorities in China race to contain the infection as the virus has the ability to jump from human to human. It is already in Japan and Thailand and major US entry points are taking precautions by screening new arrivals for fever. For the investor, there are two issues involved. One is how badly the spreading virus could affect the economies of countries where it lands and the other is opportunities in […]


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