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How Badly Will the Wuhan Coronavirus Hurt Investments in China?

More than 3,000 Chinese stocks fell by their daily limit the moment the Chinese stock market opened this morning. What is happening? A new, mutated, and lethal virus called a coronavirus has killed more than two hundred people, infected more than ten thousand and led to a virtual shutdown of large segments of the Chinese economy. This is a huge social and humanitarian disaster in the making as the virus has spread across the world to dozens of countries and air travel to and from China has been restricted. From an investor’s point […]

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Money Flowing Out of China

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What does the money flowing out of China mean for investment and investors? The New York Times reports on diminishing but still large Chinese currency reserves and what it all means.
China is […]

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Is It Time to Sell Chinese Stocks?

As Chinese stocks fall the question is if Chinese stocks are heading still lower. The Wall Street Journal reports on the turnaround of Shanghai Composite stock index. FREE: Get Your Bobble / T-Line Crunch Training Video Now! After rocketing up last year to rank among the world’s top performers, China’s stock market has turned into […]

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