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Archive for January, 2022

How Bad Will Inflation Become for Your Investments?

Everyone is feeling the pinch at the grocery store and gas station but our concern today is how bad will inflation become for your investments? Do the tech giants have it in them to sustain the market’s ability to keep creating and increasing wealth?


Reshoring and Investments in America

The Covid-induced supply chain nightmare has shut down production lines for lack of the computer chips needed to make cars these days and served as another wakeup call to American businesses to bring production capabilities back onshore. Reshoring and investments in America will provide new opportunities.


Ten Year Risk from China to Your Investing – China’s Goals and Risks

Fifty years ago China was an agrarian society and today it is the largest industrial power in the world. Fifty years ago China was preoccupied with walling itself off from the world and today it is seeking influence and power across the length and breadth of the world. The problem as seen from the viewpoints of many countries is that China seeks to dominate and control instead of working with other nations. The ten year risk from China to your investing has to do with China’s power peaking and the possibility that its aging leader, Xi Jinping, will believe that […]


Ten Year Risk from China to Your Investing – How China Got Where It Is

We see a ten year risk from China to your investing. How did this come about, what are the possible outcomes, and how can you adjust your investing to survive and profit.


Electric Vehicle Battery Issues

Electric vehicle battery issues came to mind as we read a recent article in The New York Times about Tesla’s efforts to secure a supply of nickel for its batteries. Nickel is added to lithium batteries to enhance performance at lower cost according to the Nickel Institute.


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