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Archive for October, 2021

What Will Your Investments Be Worth in Five Years?

We invest for the future. How well that works out depends on two things. What will your investments be worth in five years, ten years, or twenty years as valued in dollars? And, what will inflation do to the purchasing power of the US dollar?


How Can You Invest in Greenland?

As the ice sheet is melting Greenland has become a trove for minerals including strategic minerals such as rare earth elements. That being the case, how can you invest in Greenland and its mineral riches?


Fifteen Percent Multinational Tax and Your Investments

As multinational corporations have expanded more and more of their sales and operations outside of their home countries, they have sought to minimize their total tax burden. A recent agreement by over one hundred and thirty nations to rectify this situation brought this issue to mind. How do the new fifteen percent multinational tax and your investments relate to each other?


Stagflation Investment Strategies

The market is already starting to see “stagflation trades! In this article we look at what stagflation investment strategies might be useful if this next decade is back to the 70s.


How Dangerous Is Inflation for Your Investments?

Assuming that we are entering into a serious inflationary cycle, how dangerous is inflation for your investments? Part of the answer depends upon what your investments are.


Strategic Mineral Investments

Another cold war is ramping up. This time it is not so much between the USSR and the West but specifically between China and The United States. Issues for investors at the heart of this struggle for global political, financial, and strategic dominance include strategic mineral investments. High tech and the world of the future demand a set of elements collectively called rare earth minerals.


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