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Archive for July, 2021

Worst Investing Mistakes

We have seen more and more investing mistakes from the likes of naïve, new Robinhood investors. The sorts of mistakes made by many of these new investors are not new to the investment world. As such, we present our list of worst investing mistakes to help our readers from falling prey to habits that ruin otherwise successful investing.


Covid Persistence and Your Investments

Covid-19 recovery on a global scale and even within largely-immunized nations may not come as fast as we had hoped. Thus our concern has to do with Covid persistence and your investments.


Predictors of Stock Performance

When you invest in the American stock market, you are looking to make a profit, build up savings for retirement, avoid loss, and grow your wealth. Whether you are investing in individual stocks or an ETF that tracks the market, two values are important. What can you buy a stock for today and what will it be worth at a future date. Since the current stock or ETF price is readily available, what you need are predictors of stock performance going into the medium to distant future.


Chairman Mao and Investing in China

The New York Times writes about the words of Mao Zedong who asked “Who Are Our Enemies?” Chairman Mao is seeing a resurgence of popularity among the disaffected youth of China. Chairman Mao and investing in China are related dilemmas these days.


Political Dangers of Investment in China

When you read this title you may think that we are going to revisit how the USA plans to go about decoupling of investment in China. While that is still a reality, there are more political dangers of investment in China and they come from the Chinese government run by Mr. Xi and the Chinese Communist Party.


Fake Stocks on Blockchains

While Wall Street ponders the questions related to how fake stocks on blockchains would work, others in the blockchain world are creating synthetic copies of real world stocks like Apple and Tesla according to Bloomberg. This is the world of centralized finance, AKA DeFi. The “stocks” in question track the value of the real thing much like an ETF would.


Best Value Stocks for 2021

Value stocks are leading the charge as the economy emerges from recession caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. What are the best value stocks for 2021? To make the best picks in this category you need to know what constitutes a value stock and how value stocks differ from growth stocks. Growth stocks often sell for higher prices than their current fundamentals would seem to support because investors want to position themselves for long term growth and profits. Value stocks are often companies that generate steady profits over the years but don’t excite growth-conscious […]


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