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Archive for April, 2021

How Far Could Cryptocurrencies Fall?

When we wrote recently about the crypto with the best profit potential, we noted that many old school investors think that cryptocurrencies are a huge bubble ready to pop. How far could cryptocurrencies fall?


Crypto With Best Profit Potential

Assuming that the crypto niche will not collapse and that it will continue to be viewed as a store of value, what is the crypto with the best profit potential


Safe Legacy Energy Investment

Once upon a time you could invest in an energy company like Exxon, reinvest your dividends, and have a nice nest egg for retirement. Today we suggest Kinder Morgan as a safe legacy energy investment.


Best 5G Investments

As technology advances, we are moving to a 5G world. We have pulled together several recommendations for the best 5G investments going forward.


Investing Mistakes to Avoid for Beginners

Investing in the US stock market has been a reliable way to increase your wealth and gain a secure retirement for as long as there has been a US stock market. Over time stocks have outperformed other investments. But the market goes up and down. So, the most reliable profits come from investing for the long term. Unfortunately, many new investors are lured into bull markets with the idea that profits are easy and assured. This is just one of the investing mistakes to avoid for beginners.


3 Reasons for Infrastructure Investments

The Biden infrastructure and jobs proposal has been launched. Getting the $2 Trillion proposal through Congress in one piece may be difficult but should not be impossible as every member of Congress would see benefits of spending, jobs, and infrastructure improvements in their districts and states. The sorry state of US infrastructure is touted as the reason we need such a plan and so much spending. But there are really three reasons for infrastructure investments which are high unemployment, dead end jobs, and infrastructure in need of fixing.


Where Will Biden Infrastructure Money Go?

President Biden just introduced his proposal for a $2 Trillion plan to rebuild and modernize American infrastructure and to create American jobs. If this proposal passes Congress in its proposed form, it will provide many investment opportunities along with being the biggest domestic US investment since the Johnson years.


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