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Archive for February, 2021

Investments for the Post-Covid Economic Recovery

The US economy is going to grow impressively in 2021. How long will the recovery last? What are some investments for the post-Covid economic recovery?


Carbon Sequestration Investments

Exxon Mobil is going to make $3 billion in carbon sequestration investments over the next five years. Exxon Mobil has gotten a lot of criticism for


Clean Energy Investment Specifics: Battery Production

As we have noted, ESG investing is on the rise. One branch of this investment method is targeted at green and clean energy. When investing to help create a greener world and to make a profit along the way, you need to delve into the specifics, one of which happens to be battery production. As the world pivots to electric vehicles, solar and wind farms, and other green methods of generating electricity, battery storage is essential. Unfortunately, the USA lags far behind Europe and China and will be in a position of having to […]


Energy Investments for 2021

The economy is going to start to recover and green energy will benefit from government policy. Both factors will affect your energy investments for 2021.


Your Investments When Interest Rates Rise

As vaccines take hold and the economy begins to return to normal, the Fed, at some point will raise interest rates. We look a few months to a year down the line at your investments when interest rates rise.


Predicting the Next Retail Investment Frenzy

The retail investor frenzy is pivoting from Gamestop to silver. Because little of this is based on fundamentals, is retail frenzy sentiment prediction possible? We noted in our article about market sentiment data that you used to be able to predict stock price changes by watching what information people were searching for on Google the week before. That time frame has shortened and the focus today is on social media like Reddit where retail investors share their trades and pile on to promising trades like Gamestop.


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