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Archive for January, 2021

Should You Invest in Gamestop?

The video game retailer, Gamestop, was once ubiquitous in malls across America. Recently it has been struggling and its share price had fallen. That was until the end of December of 2020 at which time its share price was $17. It peaked to $347 on January 25 and has fallen to $217 as of January 28. Should you invest in Gamestop? For that matter, what happened with Gamestop (GME). The New York Times offers a bit of insight into Gamestop’s rise and what it tells us about today’s stock market. Keep in mind that Gamestop sold for $3.84 a share a year ago.


When Will Travel Stocks Recover?

The travel and hospitality industries have suffered greatly from the Covid-19 pandemic and economic crisis. They are part of the lower limb of the k-shaped recovery. As the vaccine rollout gains momentum we can hope to see the pandemic recede. How soon will that happen and when will travel stocks recover. Specifically, when will financials look better for airlines, cruise lines, aircraft manufacturers, and those who support the travel industry and when will their stocks recover?

Covid-19 Pandemic and the Travel Industry

Although science has miraculously provided us with vaccines within a year of the […]


Why Invest in Banks?

Why invest in banks? Banks are generally a good avenue for value investing, dividend stocks, and intrinsic stock value. When the economy goes into a recession, bank stocks fall in price. However, when you look at their intrinsic stock value, these investments are generally bargains. This is because, over the years, banks are money-makers. They are usually dividend stocks as well. And, if you are interested in investing in Canada, Bank of Canada, Bank of Nova Scotia, Canadian Imperial Bank, and Toronto-Dominion Bank have all been paying dividends without fail for more than a century.


Investment Implications of Biden Agenda

What are the investment implications of the Biden agenda? President Biden will introduce a stimulus plan aimed at defeating the covid-19 epidemic and driving the US economy to an impressive recovery. How will it affect your investments? Because the Democrats will control the White House and both houses of Congress, we expect initial Biden proposals to pass. We have written about investing during the Biden administration and the potential for a Biden bull market. Now that the next President has laid out his plan with the details, there is speculation that foreign direct investment […]


High Tech Regulation and Your Investments

The tradeoff between free speech and social responsibility may come to roost on high tech this year. How will high tech regulation and your investments do? Donald Trump is furious because Twitter closed his account for good. Parler was closed down by Amazon who terminated their hosting services. Concern has been growing for some time about the controlling effects of big social media companies and high tech on our lives, civil discourse, and freedoms. The new Congress may very well take up these issues in consideration of regulating or breaking up high tech companies.


Investing During the Biden Administration

The prospects of investing during the Biden administration changed dramatically when Democrats won the two senate seats in Georgia. Now the bulk of legislation including another stimulus will progress unimpeded, at least in the beginning. A lot has been written about Biden stocks to buy and stimulus stocks to be in the run up to the election but there was always the likelihood of a fight with the Republican controlled Senate. Although every vote in the Senate may require a tie breaker vote by Vice President Harris as President of the Senate, Biden […]


How High Will Bitcoin Go?

Bitcoin is on another rally. The one in 2019 ended in a crash. How high will bitcoin go in 2021 and then what will happen?  Year ago at the start of 2020 bitcoin was valued at $7,347 and today it has risen to $31,646. The bulk of the rally has been since October 2020 when bitcoin sold for just over $10,000. This is similar to 2017 when it finished September in the $4,000 range and nearly passed $20,000 in December. The questions today are not only how high will bitcoin go but how fall […]


Long Term Effects of a K-shaped Recovery on Your Investments

The economic recovery from the Covid-19 crisis is turning out to be a classic “k-shape.” In a k-shaped recovery different parts of the economy recover at different rates or perhaps not at all. The question of investors is what are the long term effects of a k-shaped recovery on your investments? This year tech giants like Apple and Microsoft have done very well as the world pivoted to working and staying at home. Travel and hospitality businesses have done poorly and are not recovering anytime soon. What does this situation tell us about […]


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