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Archive for December, 2020

Investment Risks 2021

Investors have grown accustomed to putting money in the stock market and seeing it grow. But, there are investment risks 2021 poses that may change that. Low interest rates have a market driver for a dozen years. When the economy gets back on track, rates may go up and end up driving stocks down. And, the recent Covid-19 mutation in the UK reminds us that nothing is secure in the world of infectious diseases and their effects on the economy. After taking into consideration investment risks 2021 may still be a good year but as bit of foresight might be a good idea.


How Can a Stimulus Help the Economy?

The Covid-19 pandemic sent the US economy into the worse fall since the Great Depression. Things have still not recovered and whole sectors of the economy suffer substantial, lasting unemployment. Congress is haggling over stimulus measures. How can a stimulus help the economy?


IRS Bitcoin Trap

The IRS tax form for 2020 will ask if you bought, sold, or had any financial interest in any virtual currency. You will need to answer yes or no. This IRS bitcoin trap is another step in the Internal Revenue Service tracking down those who did not report money gained from buying and selling cryptocurrencies. The question will be near the top of Form 1040 and hard to miss. It appears that the IRS is going to be treating hiding cryptocurrency gains like they have hidden offshore bank accounts.


Earning Potential of an Investment

The point of investing is to make money on your money. Judging the earning potential of an investment is basic to making this work. This is the case for both long term investors who buy and hold for years and for stock traders who attempt to time the market in search of short term profits. The earning potential of any investment depends on appreciation in value, realized earnings in the short term (dividends), and the value of the currency in which the investment is denominated. The last factor is affected by inflation and the volatility of the Forex market.


How to Make Safe Investments

In the midst of a global pandemic, the stock market crashed and then recovered to reach record highs. This has happened despite a grim economic picture. The disconnect between the market and the economy has many investors worried about how to make safe investments going forward. What are the safest investments today? Are there any safe investments with high returns? Are there any safe investments for seniors? And, what are some quick return investments for those willing to jump into and out of the market? What is the safest way to invest money today?


Your Investments and the Weakening Dollar

The dollar has fallen by an eighth against a basket of currencies since its high point in March. How will a weakening dollar affect your investments? The last point of comparison was in 2017. Why is the dollar falling? Will the current trend continue? And, how should you position your investment portfolio to account for a weakening dollar?

Why Is the Dollar Falling?

The dollar is a safe haven currency for people all over the world. When times are difficult, investment tends to flow into the USA and strengthen the dollar. Now that vaccines are expected […]


What Is the CAPE Ratio?

The CAPE ratio averages out the P/E ratio over a ten year period. This acts like important moving averages to reduce the influence of fluctuations in the economy and the market. CAPE is an acronym for cyclically-adjusted P/E ratio and was made popular by Robert Shiller, an economics professor at Yale University.


Biden Bull Market Investments

The new president takes charge on January 20, 2021. We expect to see the stock market respond with a rally for value stocks and those connected to infrastructure investments. A split Congress will likely delay any tax increases and interest rates are likely to remain low for a long time. The pandemic will subside with multiple vaccines available and the economy will improve which will drive value stocks higher, perhaps at the expense of tech stocks that have benefited from stay-at-home work.


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