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Archive for November, 2020

Cryptocurrency Investment Regulation

Those who purchased cryptocurrencies like bitcoin when they
were a few dollars each have become rich. And, those who purchased bitcoin at
the end of the 2019 pump and dump lost their shirts as the cryptocurrency fell
from nearly $2000 each to the $600 range. Now that the pandemic has raised
havoc in the economies of the world, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are
soaring again. Cryptocurrencies are a concern to governments around the world
because one can buy and sell, transfer assets, and never been seen. Terrorists
and the drug trade are believed to benefit from the hidden nature of
cryptocurrency trading. While many would like Bitcoin and […]


US Isolationism and Your Investments

The South China Morning Post reported the signing of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership that includes China and most of its Asian neighbors. This deal includes Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea but not the USA. The new trade deal will lower tariffs and aims to increase regional trade with less red tape. Post-pandemic growth is expected to benefit in the region. Not only is the USA not part of this deal but it is also not part of the Transpacific Partnership which the Obama administration helped develop and Trump pulled out of. Here are some thoughts about US isolationism and your investments.


Covid-19 Pandemic and Surge in ESG Investing

Many expected ESG investing to take a dive due to the economic stresses of the Covid-19 pandemic but there has been a surge of ESG investing instead. It appears that long term investors realized that the best-run companies were the most likely to endure and prosper during these difficult times. And, the stresses of the pandemic have also reinforced concerns about how we deal with our planet and each other.


Decoupling of Investment in China

As the Covid-19 pandemic began, the USA had to go begging China to send protective masks made in China (by 3M). American had become dependent on a global supply chain to the extent that it had become a risk to national security. This situation had been decades in the making and the USA and other nations are taking actions. Decoupling of investment in China is a major part of this movement.


Renewable Energy Investments

The election of Joe Biden bodes well for renewable energy investments as the President-Elect calls climate change the greatest threat facing the human race. How can investors position themselves to take advantage of the coming emphasis on green energy? Is a focus on ESG investing sufficient or should you drill down and find specific investment opportunities? Here are a few thoughts on renewable energy investment in the Joe Biden presidency.


Covid-19 Vaccine Market Rally

Pfizer’s vaccine for Covid-19 is more than 90% effective in preventing the disease and markets everywhere have rallied. So far the Dow has out-performed the tech-heavy NASDAQ. Travel-related companies and airlines especially have rallied. Aircraft maker Boeing and industrial powerhouses like General Electric have also jumped up in price. How can you best profit from the Covid-19 market rally?


Is an Alzheimer’s Drug a Good Investment?

The Alzheimer’s drug, aducanumab, has been given a new lease on life after a phase III trial was previously halted. Unlike other treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, aducanumab has the potential to halt the progression of the disease instead of just treating symptoms. The drug was discovered by Neurimmune and is licensed by Biogen Inc. The medical significance if this drug passes all trials and becomes available for treatment is great. But, is an Alzheimer’s drug a good investment?


Post-election Stock Market Rally

What are the chances of a significant post-election stock market rally? A Biden victory coupled with Democratic control of the senate will stimulate the economy but will it stimulate the market?


Doji Candlestick Trading

The Doji is one of the dozen major Japanese Candlestick trading signals. It describes a trading session that opens and closes at virtually equal prices. It is a reliable indicator of market uncertainty but does not tell you the direction that the market is going next.


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