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Archive for September, 2020

Market Sentiment Data

Although valuations drive stock prices in the long term, short term market movements are driven by sentiment. The stock market anticipates price movements. Positive sentiment is based on the belief that stocks will go up and negative sentiment is based on the belief that stocks will go down. By the use of market sentiment data, traders and investors find profitable points of entry into and exit from their positions. At the base, market sentiment is driven by fear of loss and greed for profits. These provide useful market sentiment data.


How Negative Yield Bonds Work

A bond has a negative yield when the investor collects less money when the bond is mature than they paid to buy the bond. In short, the bond issuer is paid for issuing the bond. The buyer of the bond is paying for holding the bond. The reasons for buying a negative yield bond are several.


Risk of Greater Fool Investing

By many measures the current stock market highs are crazy. We wrote months ago about how the stock market is ignoring the economy. Unemployment is still at historic lows, congress is not coming across with another stimulus, and people are running out of money. This will result in families tightening their belts, buying as little as possible, and driving the financials of many companies downward. Nevertheless, many investors seem to be ignoring the fundamentals and trying to eke out more profits before taking their profits.


Dividend Yield Strategy

Many investors choose dividend stocks based on their dividend yield. This dividend yield strategy can be risky as companies that are failing may choose to pay high dividends in order to keep shareholders from selling shares as the price falls. A dividend is a cash payment from company profit to shareholders who are eligible, usually on a quarterly basis. As a rule, dividends are a sign that a company is making money, has a strong margin of safety, and is a safe place to invest your money. The caveat is that when a company starts to falter, it may continue paying the same dividend.


Where to Invest During the Next Market Crash

The stock market has gotten ahead of any economic recovery and is at risk of a correction or crash. We noted some time back that the stock market seems to be ignoring the economy. This should concern investors. Where to invest during the next market crash is something to seriously consider. For that matter, investors should give some thought to where they should invest before a likely correction.


Define Investment Risk

Risk and reward go hand in hand when you are investing. You need to be able to define investment risk for every investment that you engage in. In any investment, the risk is the chance that your investment gains will be different from the outcome you expect.


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