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Archive for July, 2020

MSFT Stock Nasdaq

Those who invested early in the MSFT stock Nasdaq listed more than thirty years ago are rich. But, even today Microsoft is one of the best tech investments. Anyone who purchased a few share of this stock when it went public in the late 1980s has seen their investment grow about more than 1,000-fold with stock splits and an increasing share price. The current quarterly dividend of Microsoft is $0.51. This is more than twenty times the original share price and will be paid out four times a year! Tech stocks have driven the stock market since the Financial Crisis and have proved to be somewhat immune to the effects of the covid-19 crisis. In fact, they may be propelled by the move online as social distancing becomes the norm. Here are some useful bits of information if you want to invest in MSFT.


Will AI Replace Investment Bankers?

Computers are getting smarter every day and artificial intelligence is moving into businesses like banking and replacing jobs. But will AI replace investment bankers?


Is Gold a Good Investment Now?

Gold is always a useful part of an investment portfolio. Although gold prices may fluctuate over the short term, gold maintains its value over the years. Gold is an excellent long term hedge against the devaluation of paper currencies and investments like stocks and bonds that are denominated in these currencies.


Does Long Term Investment Work?

Much investment advice tells you to put your money into a basket of US stocks and hold on. The argument for investing in stocks is that over the years, the US stock market has routinely created wealth for those who stay invested. However, how does that work out when you look at the profits of long term investments and inflation? After all, the reason we save and invest is to maintain our purchasing power in retirement and to increase it generally over time. The question is, does long term investment work?

Does Long Term Investment […]


Future Dow Jones

nvestors who want to speculate on movements of the Dow or who wish to hedge against loss with other investments can buy and sell Dow Industrial Average Futures. The most commonly used futures instruments are called E-mini Dow Futures.


Kennedy Act and Investing in China

As the trade war with China continues to simmer, a new law under consideration in Congress could reduce foreign capital flowing into China by way of investment in Chinese ADRs listed in US markets. The Kennedy Act which was passed by the Senate and is awaiting action in the House could put a crimp on investment going into China. It would require Chinese companies to provide the same level and quality of financial information to US investors as US companies and most other ADRs do.


Low Risk Investments 2020

When the market is volatile you can look for high profits and accept the risk or find the low risk investments 2020 offers. Unfortunately, investments that are traditionally low risk are also low reward. And, many usually safe investments during normal times are terrible investments in a time when the covid-19 pandemic is changing the economy. Here are some thoughts to consider when thinking about low risk investments during a perilous time for all investors, including how, in fact, you can invest without losing any money during these times.


How Will Your Investments Do in the Second Half of 2020?

The stock market fell with the onset of the covid-19 pandemic and then recovered. How will your investments do in the second half of 2020? We wrote recently about stock market recovery risks. We noted that three things need to happen for the economy and the market recovery to continue. The Fed needs to continue


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