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Archive for January, 2020

Is There Any Use for Active Investments Today

The market keeps going up and those who have simply put their money in index funds tracking the S&P 500 have done better than the vast majority of active investors. At this point you have to ask the question, is there any use for active investments today? Investing in stocks has always been a matter of picking the best stocks to invest in using an approach like intrinsic stock value. But, in the current bull market, stock picking for most folks is not doing as well as choosing and staying with an index fund. Here […]


When Will the Stock Market Rally Stop?

Despite virtually unending predictions of its demise, the bull market continues. It is tempting to compare the current situation to the dot com bubble at the beginning of the century. But, Mark Cuban, the billionaire who profited from the dot com bubble and was not destroyed by the crash says that this is a different market. There were more investors twenty years ago and interest rates were higher. And, people were buying any stock with dot com in its name! So, when will the stock market rally stop? Cuban says to watch interest […]


Investing in Pharmaceuticals and the Chinese Coronavirus

A deadly coronavirus in central China has made the jump from animals to humans and threatens to spread throughout the world. Health authorities in China race to contain the infection as the virus has the ability to jump from human to human. It is already in Japan and Thailand and major US entry points are taking precautions by screening new arrivals for fever. For the investor, there are two issues involved. One is how badly the spreading virus could affect the economies of countries where it lands and the other is opportunities in […]


Whose Purchases Are Driving Stock Prices Higher?

CNBC published a useful article about who is doing all the buying that is driving the market up.

Given a series of new highs for the S&P 500, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the NASDAQ, the obvious question is who is doing all this buying?

The author goes through the list of investor categories and come up with conclusions that should be of concern to regular investors.

The large investor groups for stocks include retail investors who own about 20% of US stocks. However, this group now has holding comparable to 2007 […]


Investments for New Investors

Everybody who invests has a starting point. They hope to experience profitable investing over the years. But, they may fall prey to bad stock tips, pump and dump schemes, or other investing pitfalls. On the other hand, they may choose solid dividend stocks or investments where they will not lose any money but will forego huge profits. Choosing the best investments of new investors depends on their risk appetite, risk tolerance, investment timeline, and the time and energy they have available for managing their investment portfolio.

Best Investments for New Investors Today

Over the long run, […]


Good News for Investors

We view it as our job to keep tabs on investment opportunities and risks. As the stock market rally has extended itself well beyond what many expected, there are been numerous points of concern. But, (like Mark Twain’s mistakenly reported death) reports of an eminent stock market crash have been greatly exaggerated! There is good news from investors and it arrives on many fronts.

Why Stocks Won’t Stop Rallying

Forbes looks at why stocks won’t stop rallying.

Economic data in the U.S., China and Eurozone are beating expectations by the biggest gap since […]


How Will a Global Debt Crisis Affect Your Investing?

The World Bank warns that the current wave of borrowing is
the greatest since the 1970s. And, it brings with it the possibility of a
financial meltdown and that risk is only partially mitigated by persistently
low interest rates. As always, our concern is with the individual investor. How
will a global debt crisis affect your investing?

Will There Be a Debt Crisis?

CNBC reports on
the warnings of the World Bank of a global debt crisis.

World Bank has warned of the risk of a fresh global debt crisis, urging
governments and central banks to recognize that historically low interest rates
may not be enough to offset another widespread […]


How Will Iran Tensions Affect Your Investing?

Pundits are debating whether Trump simply did what was necessary in killing the top Iranian general or if the action was rash and will drag the US into an open war with Iran. While the politicos debate the merits of the President’s actions, we are wondering this. How will Iran tensions affect your investing?

Middle East Tension and Investments

Crude oil futures are generally the first thing to go up when tensions rise in the Middle East and especially around the Persian Gulf. If you were looking into how to invest in Saudi Aramco, you may […]


Investments for the Next Decade

As we enter 2020, long term investors are thinking of
investments for the next decade rather than just for the next year. In that
regard, we noticed an interesting snippet in Market Watch. They believe that some of the best investments for 2020 and beyond are offshore and in India
in particular. Their rationale includes the fact that two-thirds of their 1.2 billion
person population is 35-years-old or younger. The point is that anyone who
finds ways to sell to this growing pool of consumers will do well into the
distant future. This will be happening as the US-China trade war enters a more-permanent phase.

Will […]


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