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Archive for December, 2019

Best Investments on a Budget

The stock market keeps going up and widening the wealth gap in America. So many people are living paycheck to paycheck that finding money to invest can be difficult. But, it is not impossible in this day and age to put something aside on a regular basis. With this thought in mind, what are the best investments on a budget?

The Problem with Investments in America

Both home ownership and ownership of stocks have declined since the Great Recession and have not recovered as expected. Financial Samurai looks at the percentages of Americans who own stocks […]


What Investments Will Benefit from the Phase One Trade Deal?

With much hullabaloo the White House announced the completion of a Phase One trade deal with China. The Chinese negotiators in Beijing are said to be ecstatic and even incredulous at how they believe the Americans caved in on previous “rock solid” negotiating positions. But, stocks rallied a bit and many investors are happy. The question now is what investments will benefit from the phase one trade deal, how secure these benefits will be, and how long they will last. The Chinese have a long history of promising things in regard to world […]


Is Saudi Aramco a Good Investment?

The largest oil company in the world is going public with an IPO valued at about $2 Trillion. Saudi Aramco is the state-owned Saudi Arabian oil company that out-produces any other single oil company and appears to have lots of reserves still under the desert and the Persian Gulf. We wrote recently how it might be a good idea this next year to invest outside of the USA. Is Saudi Aramco a good investment offshore or a better pick than other oil companies? For that matter, how do you invest in the Saudi […]


How Bad Will It Get for Boeing?

The 737 Max was a hot-selling item for Boeing until its controls went haywire and two planes full of people died. Boeing profits are down by half as the 737 Max is grounded, sales have stalled, and 787 Dreamliner sales are slumping due to the trade war. Despite early talk that the 737 Max would be flying again by the end of the year, Boeing intends to halt production as of January of 2020. How bad will it get for Boeing as the 737 Max problem draws out?

How Bad Will It Get for Boeing […]


How to Invest in Volatile Markets

The VIX “fear index” has been moving up as 2020 approaches. Many believe that a market slowdown is the best we can expect in the coming year while many others expected ever-increasing volatility and a major correction. The issue for long term investors is how to invest in volatile markets.

As the bull market ages, investors are not only worried about their investments next year, many investors are scared to death, according to CNBC Trading Nation.

Stocks may be at highs, but investors could be acting overly cautious heading into 2020.Even more than […]


Where to Invest Outside of the USA

As 2019 comes to an end, our thoughts turn to investing strategies for 2020. With this issue in mind, we noticed an article on CNN Business, about it being time to dump U.S. stocks.

For all the concerns about slowing US economic growth, there’s consensus that stocks can continue to rise. But for the best returns, strategists and portfolio managers have indicated they’ll look elsewhere.Neil Dwane, portfolio manager and global strategist at Allianz Global Investors, thinks that the heated run-up to the 2020 election is likely to weigh on prices.“While the United […]


Choosing the Best Dividend Stocks

Finding Dividend Stocks to Invest in

Dividend stocks are a great way to invest over the long term. If you are going into retirement, the dividends are a nice quarterly source of income. And, as you prepare for retirement, dividend reinvestment plans let you roll your dividends back into more shares of stock without paying any commissions. But, not all dividend stocks are created equal! All too often, companies that are struggling maintain their dividend. The stock price is down and the dividend yield is fantastic. But, some of these high dividend yields are dangerous. […]


Don’t Be Scared Away from Profitable Investing

The stock market has been going up ever since the dark days of the Financial Crisis. And, many investors have done extremely well. Meanwhile, contrarians have been predicting everything from a market slowdown to a crash for years. Shorting stocks is popular with many who see the market and many individual stocks as ready to tank. The continual stream of market doom and gloom reminds of how the famous American author Mark Twain was reported to have died. He was later quoted as having said, “The report of my death was an exaggeration.” […]


Why Are Agriculture Investments Hurt by the Strong Dollar?

There is pain in farm country this year. The weather was awful. China quit buying soybeans. And, now corn exports are down substantially. The strong dollar is to blame in the latter case. Why are agricultural investments hurt by the strong dollar?

Why Are Agriculture Investments Hurt by the Strong Dollar?

The other day President Trump chose to restore tariffs on steel from Brazil and Argentina according to the BBC. He did this to punish the two countries for having weakening currencies. The weaker currencies make their agricultural exports more competitive. And, that has reduced U.S. […]


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