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Archive for January, 2018

What Are the Smartest Investments for 2018?

As the year begins we all try to see the future and then invest accordingly. What are the smartest investments for 2018? Will the FANG tech darlings that have led the rally continue to lead? Should you be considering safe investment options in anticipation of a big market correction? Should you be looking for investments that are helped by the tax code overhaul? Long term investors always look for fundamentals and value. Forbes published its list of Top U.S. Stocks for 2018 and their explanations. Their picks from first to fifth are these.
United Health Group
Viper Energy
United Health Group
United Health Group […]


Should You Be Concerned about the Inverted Yield Curve?

As the bull market has ranged higher and higher, the bears have repeated predicted its demise. And they have been wrong again and again. Nevertheless, all bull markets do finally end or at least experience a substantial correction. What are the signs you should look for as tip offs that the economy and stocks are about the experience a setback? In an article about slowing cash flow in the corporate world Bloomberg notes that investors should be concerned about the inverted yield curve.
Concerns over a flattening U.S. Treasury yield curve – a sign to some of a coming economic slowdown […]


Will Bitcoin Survive the Crackdown?

Most of our concern about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has been the fact that they have no intrinsic value to fall back on when the bubble pops. Now another factor has been added to the bitcoin equation. Regulators in China and South Korea are talking about shutting down cryptocurrency exchanges. That news threw bitcoin and others into a tailspin as investors pulled their assets from the world of cryptocurrencies. Nations like China are trying to keep wealthy investors from moving assets offshore. Unfortunately for the governments, investors can use bitcoin to move millions without government oversight, taxes or regulations. As […]


Invest in Gene Editing Companies

The world of medicine is about to change. Diseases that had no treatment and conditions that cause lifelong suffering may well be cured at the source. Biotechnology has advanced to the point where the human genome can be edited and fixed! Companies that are on the leading edge of this new technology will not only change the world of medicine and your life. They can be profitable as well. Three gene editing companies in particular are worth your attention as noted in an article in the Motley Fool.
If you’re looking to invest in stocks positioned to benefit from a literally […]


Why Apple Will Not Be Hurt in a Crash

As the stock market moves higher, more and more analysts are predicting a correction if not a stock market crash. If you have made money in this bull market is it time to make some adjustments just in case? Last year we wrote about how to prepare for the next stock market crash. Tech has been the leader in driving the market. Consumer stocks are the traditional refuge when the market tanks. If tech has been the leader then we might expect tech stocks to take the biggest hit with a correction or a crash. One of the tech leaders […]


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