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Archive for December, 2016

What Is Happening to the Stock Market Rally?

The night of Trump´s election the stock market tanked and then revived as investors thought about lower taxes, offshore corporate cash repatriation and infrastructure-related economic stimulus measures. An already over-priced stock market headed up. But in the last two weeks the market has started to oscillate up and down with the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling 140 points at the ending of the session end half a percent below the previous day´s close. What is happening to the stock market rally? CBS Money Watch looks at hot stocks that are suddenly not.
Rising bond interest rates are sapping the popularity of […]


Will Trump’s Trade Policies Kill His Stock Market Rally?

When it was clean that Trump would be the next president the stock market tanked. Then investors thought of the promises of lower taxes, corporate money repatriated from offshore and fiscal stimulus via infrastructure repairs. And the stock market rallied. Now the specter of a trade war emerges as Trump’s trade policies become clearer. Will Trump’s trade policies kill his stock market rally? Will they kill the American economy? The Huffington Post writes that that stocks could suffer as Trump’s trade policies take shape.
The year-end stocks rally on the heels of the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president was […]


How to Pick Stock Winners for 2017

Will the Trump stock rally continue or fizzle? Will the market shrug off rising interest rates or will the Fed’s actions torpedo the stock market? Which are the best stock picks for the coming year and which will be losers? Let us consider how to pick stock winners for 2017. CNBC writes about experts who expect stocks to rise next year.
U.S. stocks should rise slightly in 2017 as equities benefit from tax cuts, according to CNBC’s Market Strategist Survey.
The survey of 13 strategists’ outlooks published since the U.S. election found the median 2017 S&P 500 price target is 2,325, or […]


What Will Happen to Stocks When Interest Rates Go Up?

In the early 2000’s interest rates were low and everyone bought more home than they could afford. When rates when up all of those balloons on mortgages came due with higher rates and the housing market collapsed. Today we are seeing a stock bubble based on low interest rates. What will happen to stocks when interest rates go up? Forbes interviewed the richest man in the world, Bill Gates. The co-founder of Microsoft says stocks are expensive but what bothers him is that interest rates are so low.
On Tuesday, Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates, said “stocks are expensive” on CNBC. The […]


Are Defense Stocks in Trouble?

Last week President elect Trump criticized Boeing for the two next generation Air Force One presidential jets costing $4 billion. No matter that there is only a contract for design and no contract for building jets to replace the aging Boeing jets that carry the president. Boeing stock fell briefly anyway. Then this week Mr. Trump criticized the F-35 joint strike fighter jet program as having costs out of control. And now Lockheed Martin, United Technologies and BAE systems stocks are trading lower. The Wall Street Journal discusses the effects on defense stocks as Trump targets the F-35 program.
President-elect Donald […]


Why Is Goldman Sachs Stock Soaring?

Who would have thought that the investment bank that took so much flack during the election campaign would be the all-star of the Trump stock rally? Fortune discusses how this unlikely stock is responsible for sending the Dow into record territory.
Stock market investors who are enjoying the post-election rally-dubbed the “Trump Bump-owe a major debt to the controversial bank that became a political lightning rod in the presidential campaigns.
Goldman Sachs stock is responsible for a whopping 29% of the Dow’s overall bump since the election. Put another way, Goldman Sachs alone is responsible for more than 400 points out of […]


What Stocks Are At Risk Despite the Trump Stock Rally?

The election of Trump has occasioned a stock rally. Defense stocks have gone up based on his promise to “rebuild” the military. And stocks have rallied across the board on the expectation of stimulus spending on infrastructure, repatriation of offshore corporate money and tax cuts. Concerns about inflation, higher interest rates and a pricey dollar have been laid aside for now. But we were recently reminded that some stocks may be at risk despite the Trump stock rally. CNBC quotes Jim Cramer regarding stocks surprisingly at risk under Trump.
While the market continued to roar higher on Tuesday, Jim Cramer couldn’t […]


Is the Stock Market Rally Sustainable?

Investors profit when they get in early for a broad based stock market rally. The unexpected election of Trump as president first occasioned a selloff and then a rally as investors anticipate stimulus spending, tax cuts and repatriation of offshore corporate assets. But is the stock market rally sustainable and just how broad based is it? CNBC points out that just three stocks are responsible for more than 50% of the last month of run up in the market.
The Dow Jones Industrial average has gained about 1,200 points over the past month. And interestingly, nearly half of that advance has […]


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