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Archive for November, 2016

How Can You Make Money on Oil These Days?

The bottom fell out of the oil market in the middle of 2014 as supply greatly exceeded demand. The price of crude oil fell from more than $100 a barrel to less than $30 a barrel by the end of 2015. Although crude is back in the $45 range producers are hurting across the globe and investors have fled oil stocks. How can you make money on oil these days with a weak global economy and too much oil being pumped? Fortune reports that there may be an output cut by OPEC and the news drove oil prices up by […]


Is This Back to the 90’s for the Stock Market?

In anticipation of tax cuts, stimulus spending on infrastructure and repatriation of US corporate offshore assets the US stock market is booming. The outlook is not so bright in developing markets. Bloomberg asks if this is back to the 90’s for the stock market.
Donald Trump’s election as U.S. president is driving global markets to levels not seen in nearly two decades – but in completely different directions. And the “polarization’” of emerging and developed markets is all part of “Trump reflation,” argues Divya Devesh, a foreign-exchange strategist at Standard Chartered Plc in Singapore.
In the post-Trump era, emerging markets have been […]


What Will Repealing Obamacare Do to Health Care Stocks?

The president elect has announced that he intends to repeal the Affordable Care Act known as Obamacare on his first day in office. Of course it would take congress to repeal a law but the point is that Obamacare as we know it is going away. What will repealing Obamacare do to health care stocks? CNBC reports that health care stocks tumble even as the market hits a record.
While the major U.S. stock indexes hit all-time highs Tuesday, health care stocks traded lower on disappointing earnings and gave back some of a post-election relief rally that had lifted the sector.
“Medtronic […]


Will the 2017 Stock Market Be a Huge Disappointment?

We have written about the stock market response to a Trump presidency. Mr. Trump may be able to push through tax cuts, stimulus spending in infrastructure improvements and make a deal to bring home massive amount of capital currently sequestered offshore. Many believe this will stimulate the economy, bring on inflation and cause the Fed to raise interest rates, which in turn would drive the dollar higher. But will this help the stock market or will the 2017 stock market be a huge disappointment? Fortune weighs in on the side of a lackluster market in 2017 and says that Trump […]


Why Are Shipping Stocks Up?

A surprise result of the election of Donald Trump is that shipping stocks are up. This is the guy who promises a trade war with China and Mexico if not everyone else. Forbes writes about the Donald Trump shipping stock boom.
Euroseas is a tiny Greek shipping company with a fleet of 12 vessels and a penny stock traded on Nasdaq. On Tuesday, Euroseas’ shares rose by 100%. Since Donald Trump was elected president, Euroseas’ stock has nearly quadrupled. Seanergy Maritime, another small dry bulk shipping company that moves grain and coal, saw its shares soar by 75% on Tuesday. Shares […]


Will Inflation Cause the Market to Soar or Crash?

Most investors expect President Donald Trump to try to deliver on his promise to create jobs with massive infrastructure spending and re-negotiation of trade deals. Infrastructure spending will generate more economic growth in the USA and boost inflation. The US dollar has already advanced in anticipation of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates to combat Trump-caused inflation. Bloomberg writes about how Trump is seen spurring inflation.
The dollar advanced for a fourth day on bets that higher spending under Donald Trump’s administration will boost economic growth and inflation, convincing the Federal Reserve to raise U.S. interest rates.
A gauge of the U.S. […]


How Will the Stock Market Respond to a Trump Victory?

As it became apparent that Donald Trump was going to win the presidency S&P 500 futures fell 500 points and triggered the circuit breaker. Stocks fell across Asia. And by morning there was some recovery on all fronts. The market does not like uncertainty which is why stock futures fell on the news of a likely Trump victory. But, as we mentioned before the election in an article on our sister site, Forex Conspiracy Report, don’t lose your money on a mistaken first impression.
[W]hat if first impressions are wrong? How many times has the market reacted in one direction to […]


Stock Market Likes Hillary

The most chaotic Presidential election season in anyone’s memory is winding down. On the eve of voting the FBI chief re-opened the previously closed Clinton email issue and the market blinked. Read our article if you missed it, Why Clinton’s Emails Matter to the Stock Market. Then the FBI chief announced just two days prior to the election that never mind, there is no new info and no problem. The stock market likes Hillary and stocks went up. Investor’s Business Daily reports that stocks are up big on Clinton relief.
Stocks roared higher at the open Monday, as the market looks […]


How Would a Trump Presidency Affect the Stock Market?

Hillary Clinton email issues resurface, Trump moves up in the polls and stock markets slide across the globe. How would a Trump presidency affect the stock market? Donald Trump in the White House would hurt stocks if the market is to be believed. Reuters reports that the dollar and stocks are down on U.S. election worries.
Global equity prices and the dollar slid for the second straight day on Wednesday, while safe-haven assets such as gold rallied as investors were rattled by signs the U.S. presidential race was tightening just days before the vote.
Uncertainty about the outcome of the election pushed […]


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