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Archive for September, 2016

Why Is the Stock Market Shrinking?

There are fewer stocks listed on public stock exchanges than there used to be. Why is the stock market shrinking? According to USA Today investors are worrying about the shriveling size of the market.
The stock market is shrinking fast. There are now fewer stocks for investors to choose from than in 1979, leaving 401(k) plans, investment plans and other investors with fewer options from the market.
Just 3,659 stocks trade on public markets available to investors, based on the Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index through August, the latest data available. That’s down 3.1% fromĀ  2015 and half the number of actively […]


Presidential Debate Scares the Stock Market

A lead article in Reuters says that global stocks fall before U.S. presidential debate. Why is it that the presidential debate scares the stock market?
Stock prices around the world declined on Monday ahead of the first U.S. presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, while oil prices rose in advance of an informal OPEC meeting in Algeria on hopes for an output cut.
Half of America’s likely voters will rely on the presidential debates to help them make their choice between the two major U.S. party nominees in the Nov. 8 election, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Monday.
“The […]


Are There Stocks That the Federal Reserve Cannot Hurt?

Every time the Federal Reserve meets or even speaks the markets shutter. When will interest rates go up? How bad will that be for stocks and the whole economy? We are wondering, are there stocks that the Federal Reserve cannot hurt either by raising interest rates or holding at the current level? Jim Cramer of Mad Money suggests some financial stocks that an increase in interest rates by the Federal Reserve will not be hurt.
With the Federal Reserve meeting on the horizon, Jim Cramer wants investors to be searching for stocks that could be bought regardless of what happens with […]


Will There Be a Year-End Stock Rally?

The first days of September were good for stocks. One analyst says that this fact indicates that there will be a year-end stock rally. CNBC talked to strategist Tom Lee who says there is a 90% chance of a year-end rally.
Perennially bullish strategist Tom Lee believes the S&P 500 is set to rally 6 to 8 percent before the year is out.
That specific number is based on his analysis of prior market moves. Lee found that since 1940, the S&P ended the year higher in 27 of the 30 times it was up by 5 to 20 percent through mid-September.
One […]


How Much Do You Need to Start Stock Investing?

People invest in stocks to make money, save for retirement or simply beat the return on a CD at the bank. Buy and hold investors know that starting early and routinely investing a set amount is a good way to take advantage of market growth over time. How much do you need to start stock investing? In theory you only need to buy one share of one inexpensive stock which could cost only a few dollars plus commission. As a practical matter it is better to start with a few hundred or a thousand dollars because that is typically the […]


End of the Easy Money Era

The VIX fear index hit its 11th highest level ever as investors come to believe that the Fed has signaled the end of the easy money era. Is this an overreaction or should you be selling stocks right and left? Investor Place comments on how the VIX just misses the top ten most volatile days in a quarter of a century.
The CBOE Volatility Index (VIX), or fear gauge, soared ahead 39.9% on in Friday trading, making it the 11th greatest move in the index in more than 25 years.
Wall Street simply got spooked by worries that the end of the […]


Is There a False Economy?

All sorts of interesting ideas pop up during a presidential campaign. This year one of the ideas floated by candidate Trump is that the Fed has created a false economy. CNN reports the story.
Now Trump is blaming the Fed for creating a “false economy” with its emphasis on extremely low interest rates.
“They’re keeping rates down because they don’t want everything else to go down,” the Republican presidential nominee told Reuters on Monday.
Trump said the “only thing that is strong is the artificial stock market.”
It’s the latest example of Trump doubting the bull market in stocks and criticizing the Federal Reserve, […]


Should You Invest in Asian Stocks?

Should you invest in Asian stocks or is slowing Chinese growth a reason to stay away from Asia? A look at the Japanese, Taiwanese and South Korean experiences are instructive in considering the Chinese slowdown and where in Asia stocks might be going up.
Japan: Economic Powerhouse to Deflationary Economy
Japan growth was spectacular for decades after the Second World War. Technological advancement along with cheap labor and a managed currency put Japanese products in homes worldwide. Then, as the Japanese labor force aged and demanded higher wages Japan started sending jobs offshore, mostly to Southeast Asia.
Taiwan, Singapore and South Korean had […]


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