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Archive for July, 2016

Why Buy Emerging Market Stocks?

When the market falls the weakest stocks from emerging markets take the worst hit. And when the market recovers these same stocks are often the most impressive performers. Why buy emerging market stocks? Buy them to diversify your portfolio, to pick up cheap investments when currency exchange rates are favorable and buy them to take advantage of economies in their early stages of growth. This may in fact be a reasonable time to buy emerging market stocks. Bloomberg notes that emerging market stocks are advancing with an 11 year low in volatility.
Emerging-market stocks rose toward the highest level since China’s […]


How to Make Money in Gold Investments

It is possible to make a lot of money investing in gold and it is possible to lose your shirt in the gold market. In times of social and economic uncertainty gold is an attractive alternative to stocks or holding cash. But when the stock market is hot, gold is usually a losing proposition. How to make money in gold investments has to do with timing, your investment time horizon and the vehicle you use to invest. In August of 1999 an ounce of gold was worth $256. At the end of July in 2016 an ounce of gold sells […]


What Would a Clinton Presidency Mean for Stocks?

The most unusual presidential campaign in the history of the USA is rounding the bend with the respective conventions. In our last article we looked at what a Trump presidency would mean for stocks. Today our question is what would a Clinton presidency mean for stocks? Kiplinger has already weighed in with their 7 best stocks to own if Clinton wins.
We’ve compiled a list of firms that stand to benefit if Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, is elected in November. Because Clinton has been in politics longer and has released a greater number of official policy positions than Donald […]


What Would a Trump Presidency Mean for Stocks?

The 2016 presidential election campaign is rounding the bend and going into the final sprint to the finish line. This week is the Republican National Convention after which Donald Trump will be the official Republican presidential candidate. We have two thoughts about this. One is whether or not the stock market is a predictor of who gets elected and the other is what would a Trump presidency mean for stocks?
Stocks Predict the Winner
Bill Clinton is famous for having said, “It’s the economy, stupid,” in regard to how folks would vote in 1992. According to Bloomberg he might as we have […]


How to Buy Asian Stocks

Despite weakness in Asia Pacific markets there is promise of recovery. Learn how to buy Asian stocks and other Asian Pacific investments while they are at bargain basement prices. China’s economy is slowing. Japan keeps flirting with recession and is devaluing its currency in order to make its products more competitive. Australia is hurting because China has cut raw material orders. If you subscribe to the blood in the street theory of investing when markets are weak this may be a good timeto look at stocks in the Asia Pacific. Specifically if the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement ends up being […]


Best Investments when Stock Market Is High

The Wall Street Journal announced the news as the S&P 500 hit an intraday record.
The S&P 500 touched an intraday record Monday, topping levels last seen more than a year ago in a reflection of investors’ bets that the U.S. economy remains a pocket of solidity in a troubled world.
The S&P 500 climbed above 2139 early Monday, exceeding its intraday record of 2134.72 hit in May 2015, before trading recently at 2134. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 61 points, or 0.3% to 18208. The gains left the S&P 500 on pace to close at a record, with the Dow […]


Investor’s Guide to Choosing Stocks and Bonds

If you have your retirement money in a mutual fund you probably don’t know the real cost. When you find out how much of your profit is going to fund overhead you may want to simply pick your own stocks and bonds to invest in. First let’s look at the cost of a mutual fund and then look at an investor’s guide to choosing stocks and bonds.
Hidden Cost of Mutual Funds
Forbes published an insightful article about the real cost of owning a mutual fund.
In over 25 years of business, our firm has never had an initial meeting with an investor […]


How to Achieve Financial Independence

We celebrate Independence Day and our freedom to live and speak as we wish without the rule of a foreign power. But what do we do with that freedom. How can we prosper in a free country? This article is about how to achieve financial independence. We achieve financial independence through hard work and profitable investing. The stock market is typically the best way to multiply your investment capital. Learn how to invest and start on your road to financial independence.
Learning how to invest successfully can pay dividends for a lifetime. In learning how to invest an individual will learn […]


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