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Archive for December, 2014

Chinese Switch from Real Estate to Stocks

Real estate prices are falling in China and stocks have soared. This is happening despite a marked slowdown of Chinese industry and Chinese economic growth. The key is a Chinese switch from real estate to stocks. The New York Times offers insight into the connected plunge of real estate values and stock market highs on […]


End of the Year Stock Bargains

Christmas has come and gone and it is time to look for end of the year stock bargains. Fundamental analysis of stocks is always the key to picking up bargain stocks but where do you look and what are the important factors that will drive stock prices? Here are few suggestions about where to find […]


Why Invest in Dividend Stocks?

Why invest in dividend stocks? Dividend stocks are often recommended for those approaching retirement. The rationale is that you get a quarterly dividend check at a time when your income has been reduced. It turns out that investing in dividend stocks can been an excellent strategy for investors or all ages. The prospectus for the […]


Invest in Cuba

President Obama is expected to announce that the United States government is going to start on the path to normalized relations with Cuba. This will include opening a US Embassy in Cuba, the first in more than fifty years. According to Voice of America the breakthrough is part of a deal featuring prisoner exchanges and […]


US Stock Response to Interest Rate Hike

Investors are waiting to hear what the United States Federal Reserve will do with interest rates at their meeting later this week. The Fed previously indicated that when the economy is strong enough they would phase out the quantitative easing bond buying program and then raise interest rates. Quantitative easing is now history and many […]


How Far Will Chinese Stocks Fall?

According to CNBC stocks in Shanghai fell six percent. The miracle of year after year stellar economic growth is coming to an end in China and the real estate bubble may be set to deflate. FREE: Get Your Trend Analysis Training Video Now! China was the main focus for investors as the country’s Shanghai Composite […]


European Investment Prospects

The economy is looking bleak in Europe. The Japanese recession may be more severe than previously believed. Our interest is in European investment prospects at this time. According to GMA News Online a recent Euro zone warning of a massive weakening of the economy has hit stocks and is serving to keep the price of […]


Value Investing for 2015

The best stock investments in 2014 were solid stocks to begin with that continued to appreciate as the market rallied. This will likely be the case going into 2015. Value investing in 2015 will likely be where the money is. As an example, Jim Cramer, the Mad Money host, says not to look for losers […]


When to Buy Oil Stocks

Oil prices have been on a five month slide. Nymex crude hit $64.74 which is the lowest in five years. The last time oil was priced this low was the depth of the great recession. The US oil fracking boom is partly to blame as there is glut of oil in North America. But, in […]


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