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Archive for October, 2014

Picking the Best Stock Investments

How do you go about picking the best stock investments? Should you be looking offshore? Is buy and hold the best strategy? Is short term investing a better approach? Are individual stocks the best approach or exchange traded funds? What part does analysis of the economy play in picking the best stock investments? When is […]


Beware of Energy Stocks

FREE: Get Your Bobble / T-Line Crunch Training Video Now! As the price of oil falls below $80 a barrel beware of energy stocks. The US oil boom has been a big plus for the American economy. Money spent for oil and natural gas stays at home. The lower price of oil is a plus […]


Buy or Sell Stock Futures

FREE: Get Your Projecting Price Targets Training Video Now! The stock market has been volatile recently. Last week the market lost virtually all of the gains for the year and now the market has recouped most of those losses. Where is the market going next? Is it time to buy or sell stock futures? According […]


How to Build Wealth

FREE: Get Your Gap Analysis Training Video Now! As the 2014 stock market threatens to have a major correction there are a couple of important facts to keep in mind. You are in the market to build wealth. Avoiding overreaction to market swings is important. When considering how to build wealth, according to an article […]


Ready for a Stock Market Correction?

FREE: Get Your Wedge Breakouts Training Video Now! According to CNN Money the stock market has lost nearly all of its gains for 2014. Are you ready for a stock market correction? Is it time to sell your stocks or already too late? How much farther might the market fall in this stock market scare? […]


Ebola Related Investments

FREE: Get Your Wedge Breakouts Training Video Now! Two months ago we speculated about cutting edge drugs from plants and asked if tobacco could cure Ebola. That was when an experimental drug grown in tobacco plants was used to treat a person infected with the Ebola virus. Three months ago we speculated about the potential […]


Where Are the Best Stock Investments Today?

FREE: Get Your Trend Analysis Training Video Now! Where are the best investments today? Anyone who invested in stocks in January of 2014 has probably made money by October. But the market rally is starting to sputter. In retrospect one of the surest ways to make money in stock investing this year would have been […]


Good Stocks to Invest In

FREE: Get Your Gap Analysis Training Video Now! What are some good stocks to invest in? This is a common question asked by beginning investors. Finding good stocks to invest in is the first part of successful investing. Knowing when to invest in a stock and when to sell the stock are also part of […]


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