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Archive for August, 2014

Invest in Tiffany

Tiffany & Co. has raised its earnings forecast and the stock rose three percent. Is this enough reason to invest in Tiffany? According to the online Financial Times Tiffany lifts it guidance for the second time in a few months. Tiffany & Co has raised its profit forecast for the second time in less than […]


Basics of Successful Investing II

Successful investors apply what they already know in picking stocks, choosing exchange traded funds and investing their money. Retailers have insight into retail stocks and computer programmers have insight into software companies. Doctors and others in the medical field have insight into medications and the tools used in treating diseases. And, if a successful investor […]


Basics of Successful Investing I

Successful investing is not a matter of luck, tips or playing the market. Three basics of successful investing are sound fundamental analysis, appropriate risk management and patience in waiting for investment opportunities. Let us start with risk management first of all.
Risk Management in Your Life and Investments
Investing is part of life and not a separate entity. So, it is important to have your financial life in order before even starting to invest. Build a stable financial platform for your life first of all.
Pay off any credit card debts: It is difficult for a beginner to make 18% a year on […]


Invest in Iran

The talks between Iran and the six world powers (USA, Germany, Great Britain, France, Russia, China) are progressing. If the current negotiations succeed to the satisfaction of the world powers, it may be time to invest in Iran. According to an article in Reuters, the U.N. nuclear chief had a useful visit to Iran. Iran […]


Time to Buy Gold

Is it time to buy gold again? The shiny stuff peaked in 2011 and then fell from its high of $1900. It languishes in the $1300 range these days after dipping below $1200 an ounce at the start of 2014. Gold futures quotes from the CME Group are in the $1300 range through December of […]


Profit from Inefficient Markets

When the stock market corrects as it has recently there are often profitable stocks to buy. When bad news hits the markets there is a tendency for all stocks to fall, even when the news may actually be good for a few. Here is where a wise investor can profit from inefficient markets. The efficient […]


Can Tobacco Cure Ebola – Cutting Edge Drugs from Plants

We recently wrote about the potential economic devastation of the Ebola virus. Now we see an investment opportunity tied to the treatment of this terrible disease and other ailments. A recent article in online Bloomberg notes the use of an Ebola Tobacco drug that appears to have been successful in treating two Americans infected by […]


Invest in Argentina

With the recent default by Argentina on sovereign debt payments it may seem a strange time to look at how to invest in Argentina. But, the old adage is to invest when there is blood in the streets. The point of this quote from Baron Rothschild is that when things look their worst in when […]


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