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Archive for July, 2014

Debt Default and Offshore Investing

Argentina defaulted on its sovereign debt obligations and markets across the world took a hit. What is the relationship between debt default and offshore investing, in Argentina, Latin America and the rest of the world? The first part of fundamental analysis is to research the issue. The Argentine debt default started more than a decade […]


Potential Economic Devastation of the Ebola Virus

There is a virus on the loose in Africa that has a ninety percent mortality for anyone who contacts it. This is the Ebola virus. The virus which was previously confined to East Africa has now broken out in West Africa and spread into the most populous nation on the continent, Nigeria. This outbreak is […]


Natural Gas Reserves – War in Gaza

In our recent article, Middle East Investment – War in Gaza, we mentioned the Israeli defense industry as an investment possibility. An additional investment opportunity lies beneath the Mediterranean Sea off the shores of the Sinai Peninsula, Gaza, Israel and Lebanon. It is the Leviathan basin and some contend that the war in Gaza has […]


Middle East Investment – War in Gaza

How will the war in Gaza affect Middle East investment? Will the deep seeded resentments that fuel support for Hamas ever subside? Does the generalized chaos in the Middle East give Israel a window in which to impose a final military solution in Gaza? Does the hatred that the military government for Islamists give Israel […]


Sell Stocks before the Bubble Bursts

Is it time to sell stocks before the bubble bursts or buy more because they will be underpriced as the dollar loses value? The suggestion that one sell stocks before the bubble bursts is based on the fact that stocks are at a historic high. When stocks hit a historic high they tend to get […]


Asset Bubble Investment Risks

It is getting increasingly difficult to find low priced investments. At the root of this issue is that the largest economies of the world have been printing money and driving down interest rates. The primary reason for this is that roughly seven trillion in assets disappeared with the 2008 market crash. The USA, European nations […]


How Do Dark Pools Hurt Investors?

A relatively recent addition to the world of equities is the dark pool. These are trading networks that let traders buy or sell large orders and complete the orders before the market in general is aware of the trade. This works out well for those who wish to enter offers to buy or sell large […]


Three Ways to Profit from Stock Market Inefficiency

It is our belief that investors can profit from stock market inefficiency. That is to say, there are stocks that are not accurately priced given a full and accurate assessment. The view that you can profit from stock market inefficiency is at odds with the concept of an efficient stock market. According to Investopedia, the […]


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