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Archive for June, 2014

Emerging Market Rebound

Is it time to invest in an emerging market rebound? Stock markets in Turkey, Brazil, Russia and Thailand have all popped up recently. Investors are pumping money into exchange traded funds in anticipation of a full blown emerging market rebound. The BRICS nations which include Russia and Brazil were the darlings of offshore investment a […]


United States Oil Exports

United States oil exports have been allowed for the first time in forty years. Sustainable fracking technology has greatly increased US oil production and reduced dependence on foreign oil supplies. The United States is on the verge of becoming the leading oil and natural gas producer in the world. Now in a very small test […]


Investment Dividends

Investment dividends from your favorite utility stock are a welcome source of income during retirement. And investment dividends can be reinvested in dividend reinvestment plans while you are letting your investments grow. And, not all of your investment will pay dividends as some companies simply plow their profits back into research and development or into […]


Invest in Micro Stocks

When you invest your money you want the best profit potential with the least risk. There are stocks in large cap companies where your money is pretty safe but where growth is minimal. And there are penny stock start-ups that offer the prospect in hundred fold growth and better but also very likely to fold, […]


Foreign Direct Investment in China

Investors are looking outside of China for places to do business and foreign direct investment in China is falling off. According to the online Wall Street Journal FREE: Get Your Moving Averages Training Video Now! China attracted less foreign direct investment in May compared with a year ago, according to new figures, amid concerns among […]


How to Invest Your 401k

A great way to save money and defer taxes is with a 401k plan. We consider how to invest your 401k. The limits on how much you can invest tax free each year in a 401k are higher than with an IRA. In the USA a 401k plan is a tax-qualified, defined-contribution pension account defined […]


Invest Your Money

You have a good job with a paycheck and routine bonuses. You have purchased a home, paid off your credit card debts and put six months’ worth of savings in the bank. Now is it time to invest your money for the long term. What are your options? Let us assume that your full time […]


American Profit from Made in China

On this website we often take a look at offshore investing opportunities. An interesting international investment strategy is to stay home and invest in companies that have their goods manufactured in China. The point of this strategy is not just to profit from the low cost of Chinese labor and to run up the United […]


Offshore Investment Timing

We wrote recently about timing stock investments. The bottom line is that while fundamentals drive stock prices technical analysis of the market can accurately assess when an asset price has hit its top or bottom. This information is good to keep in mind for offshore investment timing. A case in point is Brazil which seemed […]


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