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Archive for April, 2014

Timely Gold Investments

When investing in gold was all the rage we noted that gold is not a panacea. People who make timely gold investments can make a lot of money and people who simply buy with the belief that it will always to up get burned. If you bought gold bullion in 2000 and stored it you […]


Invest in Boeing – Dreamliner Revisited

In 2011 we suggested that it might be time to invest in Boeing, BA. The fundamental analysis of the Dreamliner was compelling although that was before the battery problems. Now, again it appears to be time to invest in Boeing as the company expects to beat its previous record for most planes delivered in a […]


Trading Foreign Stocks

What is the value in trading foreign stocks when both the NYSE and NASDAQ offer lots and lots of US stocks? The point is that by trading foreign stocks an investor can take advantage of growth in various parts of the world at times when the markets are flat in the USA. During periods of […]


Make Money in Retirement

When you are young you often think of how to invest for retirement. The strategy commonly suggested is a mix of safe investments and growth stocks. As retirement approaches the idea is to increase the number of safe dividend stocks and reduce portfolio risk by getting rid of risky stocks. But, if your savings, pension, […]


Selling Russian Natural Gas to China

So, if Russia cuts off natural gas supplies to Ukraine how will Europe get its natural gas from Russia? And if the EU and USA ramp up sanctions in the wake of the Russian annexation of Crimea the USA may just start replacing Russia as the energy supplier of choice for the EU. Then where […]


Under Priced Stocks

The whole point of investing in stock is finding under priced stocks. Through technical and fundamental analysis investors and traders look for stocks that are worth less today than they will be a decade from now, next year, tomorrow, an hour for now or in five minutes. The time frame depends, obviously, on whether the […]


Treasury Notes

Periodically congress decides to get into fight over whether to approve the next budget or not. But rather than work on the issue of an ever increasing national debt before the fact, congress has made a habit of playing chicken with the full faith and integrity of the US government. When another high stakes game […]


Understanding Stocks

Understanding stocks is the basis for investing in the stock market. The old saying about not seeing the forest for the trees applies to many new investors and traders, bedazzled by the breadth of opportunities in the stock market. Expanded trading abilities brought to us by leveraged trading strategies such as hedging often lead to […]


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