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Archive for March, 2014

Investing in Russia – Crimea Fallout Part 3

This is the third in a series of articles about investing in Russia in light of the annexation of part of neighboring Ukraine by the Russian Federation. Our first article looked at the annexation of the Crimea from the perspective of Russian history. The second article considered the shorter term consequences of investing in Russia […]


How to Avoid Losing Money in the Stock Market

A common expression years ago, was playing the stock market. The expression came from the fact that many thought of stock investing as gambling on whether stocks would go up or down. Traders listened for stock tips with fond hopes of getting into a stock before it ran up in price and out of a […]


Investing in Russia – Crimea Fallout Part 2

As we noted in our first article in this series, the Russian Federation has annexed part of a neighboring country. Russian troops are occupying Ukrainian bases in Crimea and massing troops along their shared border with Ukraine. In the first article of this three part series about investing in Russia and the Crimea fallout, we […]


Investing in Russia – Crimea Fallout Part 1

The Russian Federation has annexed part of a neighboring country. Anyone interested in investing in Russia will do well to keep up with the news. In this first article of a three part series, we look at the historic backdrop to events in Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation. In our […]


Short Term Investment

There are two things a person may be looking for in a short term investment. One is a place to park their money that is safe and pays better than a bank savings account. The other is a way to profit from the ups and downs of the stock market. The first just has to […]


Winning Stocks – How to Pick a Winner

Don’t know anything about stocks, is that what you said? Well, you may be a beginner investing in the stock market, but you probably know a lot more about stocks and the companies behind them than you think. Do you own a computer? You probably know something about the company that makes it based on […]


When to Look at Stock Price

When to look at stock price varies with whether one is interested in long term investing or day trading. The day trader follows stock prices by the day, hour, or minute in order to profit from stock volatility and market volatility. When to look at stock price for a long term investor is after all […]


Investing with Candlesticks

Conservative and value based stock investing and saving is becoming popular in light of the recent market crash and slowly recovering economy. Balancing a stock portfolio with a mixture of growth stocks, dividend stocks, small cap stocks and large cap stocks is a traditional approach to long term investing. A smart addition to long term […]


Useful Stock Investment Information

Useful stock investment information comes in several sizes and shapes. Not all investment advice and counsel is useful, so those interested in long term investing, options trading, day trading of stocks, or commodities trading should remember the old Roman saying about the buyer needing to beware. To find useful stock information in a stock advice […]


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